Mutant Eye

One of your parents was exposed to uncontrolled magic or arcane pollution before you were born, causing you to develop a minor mutation that has marked you as different all your life.

Benefit(s): You have a third eye on your forehead. As long as it is uncovered and open, you can get a clearer sense of the emotions of those you see, granting you a +2 trait bonus on Sense Motive checks that increases to +4 on checks to notice whether a character is under a mind-affecting effect. However, the eye is unsettling, and you take a –1 penalty on Bluff and Diplomacy checks against humanoids who can see it.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Player Companion: Quests & Campaigns © 2013, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Amanda Hamon and David N. Ross.

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