Hell Knight Inquisitor

If you are an inquisitor, you can select any inquisition associated with your preferred Hell Knight order, as long as you and your patron deity are of a lawful alignment. Additionally, you gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against spells and effects with the chaos descriptor.

Order of the Chain: These Hell Knights prioritize capturing criminals and meting out strict justice.

Inquisitions: Imprisonment, Justice, and Persistence.

Order of the Gate: Hell Knights of the Gate use magic to pursue order and justice and to prevent crime.

Inquisitions: Order, Revelation, and Spellkiller.

Order of the Godclaw: These Hell Knights brandish their faith as a weapon against chaos.

Inquisitions: Damnation, Fervor, Heresy Imprisonment, Justice, Order, Valor, and Zeal.

Order of the Nail: Hell Knights of the Nail seek to stamp out the disorder of the wilds and defend frontier towns.

Inquisitions: Conversion, Heresy, and Order.

Order of the Pyre: Hell Knights of the Pyre hunt cultists and crush all trappings of chaotic faiths.

Inquisitions: Fervor, Heresy, and Spellkiller.

Order of the Rack: Hell Knights of the Rack seek to repress corruptive knowledge.

Inquisitions: Fervor, Justice, Tactics, and Truth.

Order of the Scourge: Hell Knights of the Scourge patiently root out corruption and organized crime.

Inquisitions: Conversion, Imprisonment, Justice, Order, Persistence, and Truth.

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