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Hell Knight Inquisitor (Faith)

If you are an inquisitor, you can select any inquisition associated with your preferred Hell Knight order, as long as you and your patron deity are of a lawful alignment. Additionally, you gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against spells and effects with the chaos descriptor.

Order of the Chain: These Hell Knights prioritize capturing criminals and meting out strict justice.

Inquisitions: Imprisonment, Justice, and Persistence.

Order of the Gate: Hell Knights of the Gate use magic to pursue order and justice and to prevent crime.

Inquisitions: Order, Revelation, and Spellkiller.

Order of the Godclaw: These Hell Knights brandish their faith as a weapon against chaos.

Inquisitions: Damnation, Fervor, Heresy Imprisonment, Justice, Order, Valor, and Zeal.

Order of the Nail: Hell Knights of the Nail seek to stamp out the disorder of the wilds and defend frontier towns.

Inquisitions: Conversion, Heresy, and Order.

Order of the Pyre: Hell Knights of the Pyre hunt cultists and crush all trappings of chaotic faiths.

Inquisitions: Fervor, Heresy, and Spellkiller.

Order of the Rack: Hell Knights of the Rack seek to repress corruptive knowledge.

Inquisitions: Fervor, Justice, Tactics, and Truth.

Order of the Scourge: Hell Knights of the Scourge patiently root out corruption and organized crime.

Inquisitions: Conversion, Imprisonment, Justice, Order, Persistence, and Truth.

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