Blade of the Society (Rogue, Society)

You have studied and learned the weak spots of many humanoids and monsters.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to damage rolls from sneak attacks.

Something Missing?

This previously had a requirement or prerequisite of citizenship of a specific nation or membership in a specific faction. We are not legally allowed to reference these nations or factions. GMs should consider whether such requirements suit their campaign or not. If you wish to see the original wording it is probably available on our sister site

Unofficially Speaking…

Are alternate classes like archetypes in that they can use the feats, traits, etc. as the primary class even when the requirement has the primary class as a requirement as long as archetype/alternate class has the ability to utilize the feat, trait, etc? For example, can a ninja take the Blade of the Society combat trait?

Alternate classes like the antipaladin, ninja, and samurai ARE essentially archetypes. They’re just archetypes for which we went through and gave you the full level advancement chart for. And artwork too! So as long as they didn’t give up a class feature that is a requirement for a feat or whatever… yup… they still can take that feat/trait/thing.

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