Stranger in a Strange Land

Unlike many, you are already aware of the larger multiverse and the politics which abound within it. You’ve intentionally traveled to other worlds and gained exposure to a variety of alien cultures.

Benefit(s) Knowledge (local) is always a class skill for you, and you receive a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (local) checks. In addition, you receive no penalties on Knowledge (local) checks to ascertain the rules and peculiarities of any culture you encounter. In addition, your GM may share any additional information with you about the current political situation affecting the Legendary Planet multiverse.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Planet Adventure Path © 2019, Legendary Games; Authors: Authors: Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, Steven T. Helt, Tim Hitchcock, Jason Nelson, Richard Pett, Tom Phillips, Mike Shel, Neil Spicer, Mike D. Welham.

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