Klaven Survivor

The klaven are known on many planets as the horrific shocktroops of the jagladine, sent to clear a path for interplanetary domination. Tales of klaven brutality have spread far and wide and are almost as effective as the klaven themselves at causing panic in the communities they assault. While most know to run when the klaven approach, at one point you found yourself within reach of such a creature due to bravery, poor luck, or foolhardiness. Looking past the horrifically misshapen body modifications imposed by the jagladine on the unfortunate creature, you saw the tortured look of a once sentient being which now only knows pain and hatred. Since then, you’ve felt pity for the klaven, and, while you know they must be destroyed, you are able to defeat them in more gentle ways than most.

Benefit(s) Whenever you deal nonlethal damage to a klaven creature, you deal an additional 2 points of nonlethal damage.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Legendary Planet Adventure Path © 2019, Legendary Games; Authors: Authors: Matt Goodall, Jim Groves, Steven T. Helt, Tim Hitchcock, Jason Nelson, Richard Pett, Tom Phillips, Mike Shel, Neil Spicer, Mike D. Welham.

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