Werewolf Hunter

You spent a great deal of your life hunting lycanthropes. You may have lost a loved one to a werewolf attack, or you survived an attack by one yourself, and you have sworn to prevent this from happening to anyone else. To that end, you procured a silvered weapon. You came to Falcon’s Hollow to pick up this weapon from a local smith just as the town seems to be coming down with some sort of plague.

Benefit: Choose one weapon (not a double weapon) with which you are proficient; you start play with an alchemically silvered version of this weapon.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Wayfinder #2. © 2010, Paizo Fans United. Author: Thomas Baumbach, Mark Becker, Tom Beckett, Eoin Brennan, Ryan Costello Jr., Liz Courts, Paris Crenshaw, Russell Estes, Crystal Frasier, David Fryer, Scott Gable, Trevor Gulliver, Michael Kortes, Elizabeth Leib, Hal Maclean, Dave Mallon, Jonathan McAnulty, Thomas Morrison, Eric Morton, Dain Nielsen, Ernesto Ramirez, Joseph Scott, Jason Sonia, Neil Spicer, Ian Turner, Larry Wilhelm.

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