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Name Type Source
Accelerist page
Appraise (Int) page
Barrier Sentinel page
Battle Augur page
Best Friend Pendant page ,
Best Friend Pendant, Greater page ,
Bulette page
Clawhand Shield page
Craft (Int) page
Demon, Glabrezu page
Dragon, Faerie page
Duanalas (12 RP) page
Festrog page
Gray Render page
Gremlin, Fuath page
Gremlin, Jinkin page
Gremlin, Pugwampi page
Grogrisant page
Harmonizing page
Hell Knight Aegis page
Invocations page
Invoke the Ascetic page
Invoke the Black Clover page
Invoke the Five Leaves page
Invoke the Keen Intellect page
Invoke the Lord of the Five Leaves page
Invoke the Minotaur page
Invoke the Minotaur Lords page
Invoke the Monkey King page
Magic Items page
Makari page
Rogue Talent page
S-Class Barbarian page
S-Class Monk page
S-Class Paladin page
S-Class Ranger page
S-Class Wizard page
Samurai Sheepdog page
Sanguine Outlaw page
Vindictive Bastard page ,
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