Demonic Apostle (Cleric; Drow)

The demonic apostle is an archetype of the cleric class, available to drow clerics.

In order to survive, the drow threw in their lot with demon lords. Thus, demon worship is common among the drow, and so are ranks of demonic apostles, who gain magical insight from their dark lords and crush their chaotic masters’ enemies by channeling demonic energy.

Class Features

A demonic apostle has the following class features:

Demonic Magic

A demonic apostle must choose to channel negative energy, and must select either the Chaos or Evil domain or the Demon subdomain as her sole domain.

Demonic Familiar

At 1st level, a demonic apostle gains a familiar as a wizard equal to her cleric level, or if she already has a familiar, her cleric levels stack to determine the familiar’s abilities.

At 3rd level, her familiar gains the fiendish template.

At 7th level, the demonic apostle exchanges her familiar for a quasit without the need to take the Improved Familiar feat.

Demonic Channel (Su)

At 1st level, a demonic apostle can channel demonic energy to damage creatures of lawful and good alignment, or, at higher levels, bolster the abilities of chaotic evil allies. Channeling this energy causes a 30-foot-radius burst centered on the cleric. Creatures within the burst that are lawful or good take 1d6 points of damage, plus 1d6 points of damage for every two levels the cleric possesses beyond 1st (2d6 at 3rd, 3d6 at 5th, and so on). Creatures that take damage from the channeled demonic energy receive a Fortitude save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 the demonic apostle’s level + the demonic apostle’s Charisma modifier. Lawful good creatures take a –2 penalty on this saving throw.

At 5th level, chaotic evil allies within the burst are affected as if targeted by a rage spell with a duration of 1 round.

At 9th level, lawful or good enemies are also sickened for 1d6 rounds if they fail their saving throw against the demonic channel. Channeling demonic energy is a standard action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

This ability replaces channel energy.

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