Sentinel Prince (Ranger; Xendauni)

The sentinels are highly trained xendauni who protect their forest home from invasion. At the highest ranks of the sentinels are the princes, whose training is more focused, but equally effective.

Class Features

A sentinel prince has the following class features:

Favored Enemy (Ex)

A sentinel prince always chooses outsider (elemental) as his first favored enemy.

This alters favored enemy.

Sentinel Warrior Training (Su)

At 2nd level, a sentinel prince can cast vanish once per day as a supernatural ability. His effective caster level is equal to his ranger level. At 4th level, he also adds vanish to his ranger spell list as a 1st-level spell. He gains additional supernatural abilities once per day each, and adds their related spells to his spell list, at the listed levels.

Level Spell
6th true strike (2nd-level spell)
10th hold monster (3rd-level spell)
14th blade barrier (4th-level spell)

At 18th level, the sentinel can cast each of his supernatural abilities above twice per day. This replaces combat style.

Uncanny Alertness (Ex)

At 4th level, a sentinel prince is always ready to defend against incoming attacks. A sentinel is never flat-footed before acting in combat, even if he is surprised (he can still become flat-footed by any other effect or situation that would render him flat-footed).

At 7th level, the sentinel also always acts on the surprise round. If he would have acted on the surprise round anyway, or if there is no surprise round, he gains a bonus on initiative checks equal to half his ranger level.

This ability replaces the ranger’s hunter’s bond and woodland stride.

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