Mushroom Knight (Fighter; Mushroom Leshy)

Royal guards of the mushroom kingdom, mushroom knights are fighters trained to use their spores to maximum effect in aiding allies and hindering enemies.

Class Features

A mushroom knight has the following class features:

Shield Cap (Ex)

When not using a shield or wearing a head slot item, a mushroom knight can use her cap to gain a +2 shield bonus to AC. The knight can dual-wield or wield a weapon in two hands and still receive this bonus. She can also enchant her cap as if it were a heavy wooden shield, or as a magic helm, but not both.

This replaces the bonus feat gained at 1st level.

Heroic Auras (Su)

At 3rd level, a mushroom knight gains aura of courage as a paladin of her fighter level.

At 8th level, she also gains aura of resolve.

At 14th level, she also gains aura of faith.

At 17th level, she also gains aura of righteousness.

This replaces bravery, the bonus feat gained at 8th level, and the weapon training gained at 17th level.

Heavy Spore (Ex)

Once per day at 9th level or higher, a mushroom knight can create a poisonous burst, centered on the knight, that duplicates the effects of a slow spell. Her effective caster level is equal to her fighter level. The knight is immune to her own heavy spores.

At 13th level or higher, the knight can use heavy spore twice each day, and her heavy spore can also create the effects of a cloak of dreams spell. While either effect is active, the knight’s other auras are suppressed.

This replaces the weapon training gained at 9th level and 13th level.

Armor Training (Ex)

A mushroom knight doesn’t gain armor training until 7th level. Her effective level when improving this ability is equal to her fighter level -4.

This alters armor training.

Toadstool Mercenaries

Toadstool mercenaries are to mushroom knights as antipaladins are to paladin.

A toadstool mercenary gains the same features as the mushroom knight, except her auras are replaced with antipaladin auras gained at the same levels.

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