Bloodline of the Sun (Sorcerer; Leonin)

The bloodline of the sun is available to leonin sorcerers.

The sun sorcerers of the leonin realm have learned to harness the awesome power of the sun in even the darkest times. Inspirational mentors, they shape the lives of their kings from a young age to walk a righteous path of their own.

Class Skills: Diplomacy, Sense Motive

Bonus Spells: flare burst (3rd), burst of radiance (5th), daylight (7th), fire shield (9th), break enchantment (11th), greater heroism (13th), power word blind (15th), sunburst (17th), fiery body (19th).

Bonus Feats: Any channeling feat, Improved Critical, Progressive Convergence (celestial), Skill Focus, Weapon Focus, Widen Spell.

Bloodline Arcana: Gain 2 additional skill ranks per level.

Bloodline Powers: The sun empowers you with its light.

Arcane Bond (Su): At 1st level, you gain an arcane bond with a ceremonial spear or staff you receive in recognition of your fledgling power. Your sorcerer levels stack with any wizard levels you possess when determining the powers of your bonded spear. Once per day, your bonded spear allows you to cast any one of your spells known. This ability does not allow you to have both a familiar and a bonded item.

Channel Light (Sp): At 3rd level, you can sacrifice a spell slot once per day to channel light through your bonded item.

Channeling light causes a burst of bright light that dispels darkness and damages or heals all creatures in a 30-foot radius centered on you. You choose which effect occurs with each use. Undead and creatures with a weakness to sunlight cannot be healed by this effect. The effective spell level is equal to the slot sacrificed.

The amount of damage dealt or healed is equal to 1d6 per spell level, to a maximum of 1d6. At 7th level, and every 4 levels thereafter, you can channel light one additional time each day and the maximum healing increases by +1d6 per spell level sacrificed.

Creatures that take damage from channeled energy receive a Will save to halve the damage. The DC of this save is equal to 10 + 1/2 your sorcerer level + your Charisma modifier. Creatures healed by channel energy cannot exceed their maximum hit point total—all excess healing is lost.

Channeling energy standard action that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. You can choose whether or not to include yourself in this effect.

Radiant Channeling (Sp): At 9th level, creatures that fail their save against your channel light ability are dazed for 1 round per spell level sacrificed. At 15th level, they are blinded instead. At 20th level, they are blinded, then dazed.

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The Book of Many Things, © 2018,Samurai Sheepdog; author Kevin Glusing.

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