Magehound (Midnight Legate; Dworg)

Dworgs sent to the dark gods’ camps are sometimes trained as magehounds; midnight legates with a particularly nasty talent for hunting down and dealing with rogue magic users.

When a magehound breaks free of his conditioning and escapes, he often goes on to become a reclusive adventurer who always watches over his shoulder for his former comrades.

Class Features

A magehound has the following class features:

Mage Hunter (Ex)

At 1st level, a magehound gains his favored enemy bonus against spellcasters. He does not gain additional favored enemies, but his bonus increases as normal.

Beginning at 5th level, when the magehound confirms a critical hit against a spellcaster, he can also expend one of that spellcaster’s highest available spell slots as a free action.

This alters favored enemies.

Counterstrike (Ex)

At 3rd level, a magehound gains counterstrike, as the midnight legate feature. He increases his counterstrike damage by +1d6 at 5th level and every 2 levels thereafter (7th, 9th, and so on), to a maximum of 9d6 at 19th level.

This alters the normal progression of counterstrike.

Acumen (Ex)

The magehound doesn’t gain this ability until 6th level.

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