Inevitable Marshal (Cavalier; Arbiter)

The inevitable marshal is an archetype of the cavalier class, available to arbiter cavaliers.

There is little need for mounted soldiers on the arbiter’s home plane, but as a race naturally bred for war, they understand the need for directed leadership and the bravery that comes with being cavaliers.

Class Features

An inevitable marshal has the following class features:

Marshal’s Command

An inevitable marshal is trained to use Diplomacy and Intimidation to create magical effects on those around him, including himself if desired. This ability functions like the bard’s bardic performance class feature, except the inevitable marshal uses Diplomacy and Intimidate in place of Perform. The marshal’s effective bard level is equal to his cavalier level.

This ability replaces mount, cavalier’s charge, expert trainer, mighty charge, and supreme charge.

Bonus Feats

An inevitable marshal adds arbiter feats to the list of bonus feats he can select beginning at 6th level.

This alters bonus feats.

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