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Arbiters: Small inevitables who hover just off the ground.

Dalits: Amorphous blobs who love trash and adventure.

Dwarrow: Half-dwarf, half-gnomes whose lives center around gemstones.

Dworgs: Half-dwarf, half-orcs with a drive to prove they’re more than their station.

Elflings: Half-elf halflings from faerie realms.

Farrealmers: Chaotic alternate versions of common races.

God-Blooded: Mortals imbued with the left over power of the gods.

Half-Dwarves: Stocky human halfbreeds akin to half-elves and half-orcs.

Leonin: Tribal catfolk from another world who worship the sun.

Minotaurs: Bull-headed warriors of brave and courageous stock.

Mushroom Leshys: Vine leshy cousins who grow up in swamps and caves.

Nephilim: Half-angel, half-devils looking to end the war between both.

Otterlings: Small, furred race with several variants.

Seekers: Otherworldly constructs created by the gods of secrets and knowledge.

Skaldaks: Devoted acolytes of chaos who change their form to suit.

Sokari: Proud unicorn people from the fey realm.

Swarmborn: Victims of chaotic magic who make due and practice keeping their bodies together.

Troglodytes: Barbaric warriors and cunning spellcasters.

Ursaren: Shamanistic bear people not afraid to defend others.

Vulture-Men: Foils to the elfling race, they seek enlightenment and a return to what they once were.

Xendauni: Shapechangers from the world of Pnumadesi with a hatred for elementals and other chaotic beings.

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Classes like the aeon protect their allies with guardian constructs summoned through their emotions. Cruxes are dual-wielding veil shapers who channel power through their weapons and use it to generate stronger attacks. Dreamwalkers, meanwhile use their special realm for training and meditation.

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