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Samurai Sheepdog

Arbiters: Small inevitables who hover just off the ground.

Dalets: Amorphous blobs who love trash and adventure.

Dinosaurs: Not dinosaur people, actual dinosaurs. From velociraptors to the T-Rex herself.

Dwarrow: Half-dwarf, half-gnomes whose lives center around gemstones.

Dworgs: Half-dwarf, half-orcs with a drive to prove they’re more than their station.

Elflings: Half-elf halflings from faerie realms.

Farrealmers: Chaotic alternate versions of common races.

Gingerbread People: A race of baked goods trying to prove themselves.

God-Blooded: Mortals imbued with the left over power of the gods.

Half-Dwarves: Stocky human halfbreeds akin to half-elves and half-orcs.

Leonin: Tribal catfolk from another world who worship the sun.

Leporines: Rabbitfolk from various shattered worlds who make excellent marksmen.

Minotaurs: Bull-headed warriors of brave and courageous stock.

Mushroom Leshys: Vine leshy cousins who grow up in swamps and caves.

Nephilim: Half-angel, half-devils looking to end the war between both.

Otterlings: Small, furred race with several variants.

Seekers: Otherworldly constructs created by the gods of secrets and knowledge.

Skaldaks: Devoted acolytes of chaos who change their form to suit.

Sokari: Proud unicorn people from the fey realm.

Swarmborn: Victims of chaotic magic who make due and practice keeping their bodies together.

Troglodytes: Barbaric warriors and cunning spellcasters.

Ursaren: Shamanistic bear people not afraid to defend others.

Vulture-Men: Foils to the elfling race, they seek enlightenment and a return to what they once were.

Xendauni: Shapechangers from the world of Pnumadesi with a hatred for elementals and other chaotic beings.

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Lands of Theia World Primer

Vendor: Samurai Sheepdog
Type: Book
Price: 4.99

In the Lands of Theia, adventure never waits.

Welcome to the world primer for the first campaign setting that details the shattered worlds for Pathfinder 1st Edition. Magical sky races, volcanic jungles, steam-powered metropolises, and continent-spanning cave networks are only some of the wonders that await adventurers in this fantasty realm.

The options presented herein allow players to build memorable characters in Theia. Gamemasters will enjoy a first look at the world and its many varied people, while spotlights and story hooks act as windows through which we introduce plots to help jumpstart a game or expanded upon in future adventure paths.


This primer includes a truncated set of playable options to help show off what Lands of Theia has to offer. In addition to the 3 classes mentioned above, you'll find brief summaries of how the core races are represented on this world. If you want something a little different, we also included stats for playable gnolls, whose roll in this world is quite interesting. Archetypes and other character options round out the player section with ways to enjoy something you're familiar with in a different flavor.

For gamemasters, we offer a look at what the world itself is like, including an in depth spread of information detailing the country of Wutente to help them begin a campaign in Theia.

Name's Games 2019 Annual Collection

Vendor: Samurai Sheepdog
Type: Book
Price: 30.00

It’s been a full year since we began our Patreon, and in that time, we’ve compiled 70 pages of exclusive content and custom requests from our patrons. This annual collection brings all of that work together in one place for you to enjoy.


  • 9 races such as body-snatching mind worms, cheshire cats, living skeletons, and transforming robots.
  • 8 classes, including arcane tinkerers, forgemasters, magical heroes, martial artists, and pet monster trainers.
  • Achetypes to play mighty heroes from other planets, champions with specialized tech armor, and whip-wielding protectors against the darkness.
  • Feats, equipment, magic items, and more.

==Some of the themes we hit on during 2019 include==

  • Alice in Wonderland*, Animorphs*, Arrow, Castlevania, Danny Phantom*, Full Metal Alchemist, Green Lantern*, Guyver, Iron Man, Kingdom Hearts*, Magic: the Gathering, Naruto, Pokémon, Sailor Moon, Sesame Street, South Park, Stargate, Superman*, Sword Art Online, Tank Girl, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime*, World of Warcraft, Xenogear, and X-Men*

==Some of the content we’ve created homages to include==

  • Runemasters and runethanes*, playable ghosts* and skeletons, dragon speakers*, anime roleplaying character classes, and modern equipment, including cars*

* This is explored in preview content found only on Patreon and in their associated books.

Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters Anniversary Edition

Vendor: Samurai Sheepdog
Type: Book
Price: 15.00

A world of great heroes and villainous thieves...

A world of mad kings and young adventurers...

A world of monsters.

In Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters, you can play as a monster trainer or one of 6 archetypes for that class. Utilizing your unique talents, you and your party will travel through a realm known only as The Kingdom in search of monsters to capture and raise. Along the way, you'll find over 154 monsters; some new and some Pathfinder favorites.

By capturing monsters, you gain access to new spells that you can use to either battle other trainers in the arenas that exist throughout the Kingdom or combat evils in your own or another campaign world. As you master the spells those monsters grant you, you can capture even stronger monsters and learn different spells on your journey to become one of the greatest trainers there is.

In addition, there are several new feats for the dedicated monster trainer as well as those that will help you to incorporate a little bit of monster training into other classes such as the druid, the summoner, or even the wizard. Any class that gains a companion in some form or another can learn something from monster training.

New spells and magic items accompany would-be trainers on their quests, descriptions of the regions in and around the Kingdom (including where to capture certain monsters) can be found as well!

Happy Anniversary!

As of 2019, Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters is 5 years' old. Along with becoming an official part of Samurai Sheepdog, we have also learned a lot in that time, both in layout and design. Now, we bring all of that to you. In the anniversary edition, you'll find:

  • Clearer rules on what it takes to capture, call, and recall monsters as a trainer.
  • New trainer perks.
  • New capstone options (master perks).
  • Cleaner phrasing with archetypes so they play as intended.
  • 3 never-before seen monsters.
  • Cleaner monster layout
  • Background information for every monster.
  • Actual Size charts for every monster when compared to a 6-ft. (2m) tall man.
  • Better organization of feats, with cleaned up phrasing so they play as intended.
  • 22 pages of background on the Kingdom and its surrounding areas, including where and how to find monsters, rival trainers, and arena masters.
  • Equivalent Monster Spell Charts for the Pathfinder Bestiaries 1 through 6.