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Night of the Skulltaker SOLO Edition

Vendor: Rogue Genius Games
Type: Book
Price: 5.95

Why Would You Built A Temple To It?!

Doom hangs over the coastal town of Cuttlevale. They have kept the threat of a terrible undead known as a skulltaker very real by totally misunderstanding what it is they venerate. And, now, that misplaced faith is going to cost them dearly.

Night of the Skulltaker is SOLO adventure for 1st level Pathfinder Second Edition characters. It presents the coastal town of Cuttlevale, and a dark challenge that runs from the town, to nearby sea caves, to a threat that is very much not what the locals think it is! Written by veteran adventure author and Paizo developer, Ron Lundeen!

Danger Lurks Beneath the Waves

Pop Culture Catalog: Music

Vendor: Rogue Genius Games
Type: Book
Price: 4.95

By George "Loki" Williams

Breath a little extra life into your Starfinder campaign with Everybody Games’s Pop Culture Catalog series! This high-flavor series specializes in providing both players and GMs with everything they need to feel like they’re playing in a living, breathing world by providing setting-neutral popular culture grounded in Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting that anyone can reference! Each installment of the Pop Culture Catalog tackles a new and exciting topic!

This installment of the Pop Culture Catalog includes: music! This behemoth of a product, weighing in at 25 pages, includes all the information you need to know about music genres and subgenres in the Blood Space Campaign Setting, as well as traditional music of a myriad of species and over 20 distinct bands, vocalists, instrumentalists, and record labels! Also included is a nifty guide for purchasing useful music equipment.

Get everyone gaming with Everybody Games!

Files for Everybody: Trickster Spells

Vendor: Rogue Genius Games
Type: Book
Price: 2.95

By Thilo Graf

Welcome to Files for Everybody, a Third-Party Pathfinder Second Edition product series brought to you by Everybody Games. We know how tough it is to get everybody together around the table, so we try to provide you exactly the content you need to keep everybody excited and invested in your Pathfinder Second Edition campaign. From new classes to class feats, archetypes to skill feats, spells to rituals, ancestries and monsters, and much more, Everybody Games has what you need to get everyone gaming! In Files for Everybody, each file focuses on a specific topic, whether it be new feats, a new class, a new ancestry, or something else entirely. We want it to be easy to navigate each File, and keep our content simple to use and rewarding to master. Regardless of topic, we believe that every issue in our Files for Everybody series is something special and wonderful, no matter how small, and hopefully after this issue you’ll feel the same!

In this File, Trickster Spells! A half-dozen brand-new spells designed to help you out-maneuver even the canniest enemies. Create replicas of yourself that dart every witch way and swap places at your beck and call with shell game, or completely reforge your weapons with bonus traits using trickster’s weaponcraft. Maximize the destructive power of your magic with spell trickster or provide allies or foes with healing that’s literally all in their head with trickster’s beacon. Also included is a new theme, the tricky mage, that’s perfect for aspiring eldritch tricksters.

Get everybody gaming with Everybody Games.