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Classes of the Lost Spheres: Successor

Vendor: Lost Spheres Publishing
Type: Book
Price: 6.99

An elder ring said to carry a terrible curse. A sword sworn to turn back the armies of darkness. A simple cloak that makes a young girl unseen. What hero can master all these items and more?

The Successor.

Born of ancient lineages and destined to awaken the powers of heirlooms of fantastic power the successor is a new base class for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Mastering heirlooms of four different legacies, the successor takes the mastery of item based magic to a new level.

This base class includes:

  • Four legacies to allow you to further expand the powers of magic items.
  • Dozens of Legacy Powers to unlock your items secrets.
  • New feats and favored class bonuses.
  • 5 Archetypes to allow new options to explore heirlooms with other classes.
  • New lore about the class and its connections to the City of 7 Seraphs.
City of 7 Seraphs: Akashic Trinity

Vendor: Lost Spheres Publishing
Type: Book
Price: 11.99

Ever wanted to wield the deadly demon-spores of a vrock? To fly on the wings of angels? To weave the veils of fey majesty around yourself? Now you can. Building on concepts from the Akashic Mysteries system, Akashic Trinity presents three new planar-themed classes that can bring the power of the multiverse to the players at your table!

An early glimpse at the worlds beyond in the upcoming City of 7 Seraphs book, these classes couldn’t be contained. Get your hands on the living convergences of the Nexus, spy with the shaded occultation of the Eclipse, or weave the light of life itself with the Radiant!

Bring this planar power to your game table today!.

City of Seven Seraphs - A Planar Campaign Capstone is a sourcebook for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Inspired by epic adventures in the Planes of the 2nd Edition of the World's Oldest Fantasy RPG, The The City of Seven Seraphs will bring a home to planar adventure for the Pathfinder gaming community and infuse existing campaigns with a new level of otherworldly reality.

Classes of the Lost Spheres: Zodiac

Vendor: Lost Spheres Publishing
Type: Book
Price: 7.99

"My allies are the stars!"

Enter the Zodiac… an akashic summoner wielding the memories of the stars themselves. Match your playstyle to the Orbit that best suits you. Play as an aggressive stellar warrior with the Solar Zodiac, maximizing the power of your starborn weapons and charging beside your champion allies. Or take the reins of the mysterious Lunar Zodiac, arming your champions and supporting them with an array of akashic veils.

Expanding on the principles of akashic power introduced in Dreamscarred Press’ Akashic Mysteries and expanded in the City of 7 Seraphs: Akashic Trinity, the Zodiac is a powerful new way to interface with the essence and veilweaving system. Neither Akashic Mysteries or City of 7 Seraphs: Akashic Trinity is required to use the Classes of the Lost Spheres: Zodiac supplement.