The Ultari trace their lineage directly to the Ancients, claiming their race was the first of the new races to manifest from the void. As a result, they believe themselves the purest form of existence, their will to be divine, and their ethics flawless; for they believe it was by their interpretation of reality that gave birth to the consciousness of all other lesser beings and thereby consider all other beings and their interpretations of reality inherently flawed and imperfect. As the truest and purest of the “evil” Ancients’ offspring—and they claim themselves as the dominate species and natural born leaders over the “evil Hegemony”. They hold this claim with their innate and potent psionic abilities, using them in the most invasive and cruel manner to rend minds and twisting allegiances. As to their claim of supremacy, none of the other evil races have yet challenged their position in the evil alien hierarchy.

All ultari advance by taking class levels, though most take advantage of their natural psionic talents and pursue levels in psionic classes.

Ultar are muscular and hairless humanoids with smooth grayish, blue-black skin. Their bone structure is well defined with streamlined, skull-like facial features. Their glassy black eyes are almost weary in their knowingness, but their gaze remains cruel, calculated, and superior. Their noses are nearly non-existent while their round membranous ears lie flat against their skulls, only slightly covered with a fleshy flap.

Their bodies are muscular, well proportioned, and distinctly human. They stand between 6.5 to 8 feet tall.

Racial Abilities

Creatures of this race possess the following abilities unless otherwise stated in their respective entries.

Naturally Psionic (Su)

Ultar are naturally psionic and gain 3 additional power points. In addition, an ultar with class levels gains 1 additional power point for every four class levels in his primary class.

Telepathic Drain (Su)

Once per day as a full-round action, an ultar can telepathically drain psychic energy from a humanoid, outsider, or monstrous humanoid within 30 feet, dealing 1d4 points of temporary Wisdom damage to the target each round the ultar concentrates. The target can attempt a Will save (DC 10 + ½ the ultar’s HD + the ultar’s Wisdom modifier) to negate this effect when the ultar first uses it, and each round thereafter that the ultar continues concentrating. Any Wisdom damage taken disappears from the target after 24 hours. The ultar gains a number of temporary psionic power points equal to the Wisdom damage dealt to the target. These power points cannot be used to manifest psionic powers and cannot be stored in any way or used in the creation of psionic items but can be used to enhance his psi-like abilities (treating his manifester level as 4 higher for the purpose of how much he can enhance a power with these stolen power points) or any psionic powers he possesses. These temporary power points dissipate after 24 hours if not used.

Ultari Weapon Affinity (Ex)

Ultar treat any weapon with the word “ultari” in its name as a martial weapon.

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