The phalanx are an artificial race of bio-mechanical constructs, granted free will by the ancient power locked within aetherite. The phalanx were not built, but rather found dormant in an ancient vault on a forgotten moon. Their sophisticated bodies were reverse-engineered and infused with an aetherite core, and endowed with sentience through powerful occult rituals. The methods that created the phalanx, however, endowed them with more than mere sentience: they each gained a living soul.

Physical Description: Phalanx are highly advanced constructs. While a phalanx is a construct, it possesses a sophisticated series of synthetic organs that process bodily functions similar to a human, save that all phalanx bio-organic function is derived from aetherite. All unmodified phalanx stand at exactly 6 feet tall, and are composed of a steel and duranite skeleton that contains their synthetic organs and circulatory system, all encased in a durable armor plating.

All phalanx possess identical blue eyes that shine the same color as aetherite. Phalanx do not breathe, eat, drink, or sleep. Rather, they consume units of aetheric power and convert it into fuel.

Although phalanx do not sleep, during long periods of inactivity they are prone to experiencing waking, dreamlike hallucinations that vary from inexplicable sensory input to fully-realized moments in time. These hallucinations are influenced by a phalanx’s current life, and while such experiences may appear to involve contemporary concepts, some believe they may in fact be memories thousands or more years old.

Phalanx use body modification to express themselves, be it stencilled painting on their armored chassis or mechanical modifications that drastically change their outward appearance.

All phalanx were originally constructed with gender-neutral frames. Some phalanx have chosen to adopt gendered identities, even going as far as having their chassis remodeled to represent humanoid standards of gender.

Society: Nearly all phalanx surviving today are war veterans. While not all phalanx fought on the front lines, all served the war effort in some capacity. This shared history as soldiers, and the collective tragedy of their origin and lives, united phalanx in a way that few other races understand.

Adventurers: A typical phalanx pursues adventure to find a sense of identity, testing their outlook on life by tossing themselves into the hardships of the world. Many phalanx have served in the same job or social role their entire life and take up adventuring in order to discover a new path for themselves or see a different world. Martial classes like fighter and brawler are common among phalanx due to their military past, while bards are common due to both the phalanx’s emergent emphasis on art and culture. Because of their connection to aetherite, aether kineticists are common among the phalanx as well.

Names: Phalanx names vary based on personal taste rather than culture. Those who feel closer to their military roots retain their original serial numbers, while others adopt names from life experiences, such as deceased friends, favorite pieces of art, emotions, or other objects they closely identify with. While some phalanx choose to identify with a gender, like humans they do not differentiate between gendered names.

Racial Traits

  • Ability Score Modifiers +2 Constitution, +2 Charisma, –2 Wisdom: Phalanx have sturdy mechanical bodies and strong personalities, but often make poorly informed or hasty decisions.
  • Type: Phalanx are constructs with the phalanx subtype. Unlike normal constructs, phalanx possess a Constitution score and do not gain bonus hit points based on their size.
  • Size: Phalanx are Medium creatures and receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Phalanx have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Senses: Phalanx can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
  • Aetherite Dependency: A phalanx must consume at least 1 au of aetheric energy (through an oral induction port) each day or immediately begin suffering from starvation. Phalanx do not take nonlethal damage when starving, but instead become staggered for each day they fail their Constitution check. A starving phalanx who consumes at least 1 au is no longer starving and is not staggered. A phalanx can survive without aetherite for a maximum number of days equal to 3 + their Constitution bonus. After reaching the maximum number of days without aetherite, the phalanx falls unconscious and remains unconscious indefinitely until fed at least 1 au per Hit Die the phalanx possesses. A phalanx cannot die from starvation. If using phalanx in a setting where aetherite does not exist, the GM should replace this dependency with a different element or substance that is generally available but still must be acquired and consumed on a regular basis.
  • Armored Fists: Phalanx gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat.
  • Curiosity: Phalanx are an inherently curious race and adept at parsing data and gain a +4 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks to gather information.
  • Flashback (Su): Phalanx can tap into the lingering memories of their soul to gain abilities they do not normally possess. Once per day as a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity, a phalanx may willingly experience a flashback to gain the benefit of a feat they don’t possess. This effect lasts for 1 minute. The phalanx must meet all the feat’s prerequisites.
  • Natural Armor: Phalanx have a +1 natural armor bonus to AC.
  • Languages: Phalanx begin play speaking Common. Phalanx with a high Intelligence score can choose any other language (except secret languages such as Druidic.)

Favored Class Options

The following options are available to all phalanx who have the listed class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the class reward.

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