The garil are the primary intelligent species on an apeworld. A friendly and inquisitive people, they will talk to anyone at the slightest opportunity. Garil are fascinated by the rest of the multiverse but see their world as the center of creation and don’t often travel off world. They see themselves as blessed in being allowed to share this cradle of the gods with the holy kaiju that infest the planet and cause most other species to believe the garil insane for staying on a world with such deadly monstrosities. Some few garil experience the call of other skies and different stars and often trade passage for working as the ship’s cook, as garil cuisine is legendary both for its intricate flavors and its spice.

Physical Description: Some other races see garils and believe them to be simply awakened animals, ordinary apes evolved through magic, but the garil take such assertions as deadly insult. Resembling gorillas, but walking more upright, they are a studious and highly intelligent race.

Society: The garils dwell in the foothills of the mountains, dwelling in countless small clan villages. These villages typically are united in groups called a “House” and led by a descendant of their demigod. The exact number of Houses is unknown, but there are at least thirty, and likely many more. Wars between the Houses are not unknown but are extremely rare as the garils believe their god looks down on those who war against other garils with great disfavor. Garil society is matrilinear and polygamous. Most males have at least two wives, but the eldest wife is the head of the household and make all of the primary decisions, including which other wives her husband will be allowed to take. Males do make up the majority of the clan war bands, marauding carnivores are their primary opponents.

Relations: Garils are a curious and outgoing race. They tend to get along best with races like gnomes or ysoki that have a good sense of humor. They generally try to get along with those around them, often peppering the people around them with a dizzying array of questions.

Alignment and Religion: On their homeworld, the native kaiju are feared and worshiped as gods even through their priests do not gain spells. Those priests who harness divine energies do so by following the path of the druid, or elemental forces. One of the few good-aligned kaiju, their god resembles a 200-foot-tall girallon.

Male Names: Aja, Denet, Efit, Elum, Jalij, Keth, Maqej, Urah.

Female Names: Alayi, Etwa, Garga, Maqan, Qari, Samik, Vilba, Zetaya.

Racial Traits

Ability Score Modifiers +2 Strength, +2 Charisma, –2 Wisdom. Garils are cheerful and outgoing and are well-muscled and athletic, but often too trusting and guileless.

Type: Garil are monstrous humanoids.

Size: Garils are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.

Speed: Garils have a base speed of 30 feet.

Free Thinker: Garils gain a +2 bonus on Will saves against charms and compulsions, and once per day when a garil fails a save against such an effect it can attempt a new save against the same DC 1 round later at the end of its turn to end the effect. If the garil has a similar ability from another source (such as a rogue’s slippery mind class feature), it can only use one of these abilities per round but can use the other ability on the following round if the first reroll ability fails.

Gregarious: When a garil succeeds in improving a creature’s attitude with Diplomacy, they can immediately ingratiate themselves as friends, granting them a +2 circumstance bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks with that creature for 24 hours.

Natural Climber: Garils have a climb speed of 20 feet and gain a +8 racial bonus on Climb checks.

Languages: Garil begin play speaking Garil and Vanara. Garil with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Aquan, Auran, Draconic, Celestial, Common, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Halfling, and Terran.

Favored Class Options

The following options are available to all garil who have the listed favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the favored class reward.

Alchemist: Add +1 foot to the range increment of the alchemist’s thrown splash weapons (including the alchemist’s bombs). This option has no effect unless the alchemist has selected it 5 times (or another increment of 5); a range increment of 24 feet is effectively the same as a range increment of 20 feet, for example.

Bard: Add +1/2 to the bard’s bardic knowledge bonus.

Druid: Add a +1/4 bonus on caster level checks to remove afflictions (curses, diseases, poisons, etc.).

Hunter: Add 1 foot to the hunter’s companion’s base speed. In combat, this has an effect only for every five increases in base speed.

Inquisitor: Add +1/4 to the number of times per day the inquisitor can change her most recent teamwork feat.

Investigator: Gain a +1/4 bonus on all inspiration rolls.

Mesmerist: When casting mesmerist enchantment spells, add 1/2 to the effective caster level of the spell, but only to determine the spell’s duration.

Oracle: Select one revelation normally usable a number of times per day equal to 3 + the oracle’s Charisma modifier. Add 1/2 to the number of uses per day of that revelation.

Ranger: The duration of the ranger’s companion bond increases by 1 round.

Rogue: Add a +1/2 bonus on Bluff checks to feint and Diplomacy checks to gather information.

Summoner: Add +1/4 to the eidolon’s evolution pool.

Swashbuckler: Increase the number of times per day the swashbuckler can use charmed life by 1/4.

Alternate Racial Traits

The following alternate racial traits may be selected in place of one or more of the standard racial traits above. Consult your GM before selecting any of these new options.

Cave Crawler: Some garil tribes abandoned the trees long ago and adapted to life underground. They gain darkvision 60 feet and a +2 racial bonus on Escape Artist and Knowledge (dungeoneering) checks. This replaces natural climber.

Nocturnal: Some garil are well adapted to roaming the treetops and forests by night, gaining low-light vision and a +2 racial bonus on Perception and Stealth checks in dim light or darkness. This racial trait replaces free thinker and gregarious.

Studious: Some garil prefer books and study to interpersonal interaction, gaining Skill Focus as a bonus feat with Linguistics or any one Knowledge or Profession skill. This racial trait replaces gregarious.

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