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Jon Brazer Enterprises

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Book of Heroes: Heroic Fighter Archetypes (5e)

Vendor: Jon Brazer Enterprises
Type: Book
Price: 3.95


Weapon Masters and Martial Champions

Other adventurers sometimes consider fighters to be nothing more than dumb brutes—prove them wrong with this supplement! Build a fighter with enough new tricks to make your rogue jealous, and employ tactics no barbarian can comprehend. Mix magic with your martial prowess, and become a knight of wits.

Inside the 16 pages of Book of Heroes: Heroic Fighter Archetypes, you will find:

  • The Pact-Bound Sword, who deals with an otherworldly patron in exchange for warlock-like powers
  • The Shieldbearer, who deflects mighty blows with a shield and wields it like a weapon
  • The Tainted Soul, whose knowledge of their fate in the afterlife drives them to oppose evil at any cost
  • And many more!

Be the Hero You’ve Always Known You Are With These Awesome Character Options Today.

13 Class Options Bundle (13th Age Compatible)

Vendor: Jon Brazer Enterprises
Type: Book
Price: 5.95

Want to rush into battle and fight with your own style or harness the fury of storms and stone in the 13th Age? This bundle is for YOU!

Included in this bundle:

  • 13 Fighter Talents and Maneuvers 
  • 13 Rogue Talents and Powers
  • 13 Wizard Cantrips and Spells
  • 13 Cleric Domains and Spells


Book of Feats: 3 Monk Styles (PFRPG)

Vendor: Jon Brazer Enterprises
Type: Book
Price: 1.00

The Martial Magic of Monks

Monks are the undisputed masters of of the mystical martial arts. Through discipline, determination, and years of practice, they can produce effects on par with the spells of mages. Within these pages are three new styles perfect for monks looking to rival the power of magic.

Inside the 7 pages of the Book of Feats: 3 Monk Styles, you will find:

  • Blurred Strike Style: attack so fast that few can dodge your attacks
  • Stone Mountain Style: harden your body to all but the most durable of weapons
  • Strand of Fate Style: interact with someone’s life-threads in the tapestry of time
Hone Your Technique for the Adventures that Await! Download the Book of Feats: 3 Monk Styles today!