Grey Ape

The grey apes of Smoking Mountain are one of the lesser-known races of the Lost Lands. They are only found on their tiny island, though there have been reports of colonies as far away as Ynys Cymragh and the lands boarding the Sangre Sea. Few grey apes leave to go on adventures, and those that do are trapped in a different time than all they know and love. Being a rare sight, grey apes tend to attract a lot of attention wherever they go.

Bestial But Not Savage

Grey apes might look like simian savages given their hirsute bodies, fanged faces, and generally snarling visages; however, they are an intelligent and thoughtful people. Like any sapient race they can be caring and kind to each other, and like so many other races, they can be cruel and vindictive towards their foes. Even so, the ape is not far from the surface, and when angry or threatened, grey apes are known to howl, pound their chests, and throw heavy objects.


The grey apes are known for their great passions, both positive and negative. A grey ape loves fully knowing no limit to what they will do for their beloved. Likewise, when driven by hate they hate with an allconsuming fire. This makes their warriors ferocious in battle and their scholars’ single minded in purpose. To have a grey ape as a friend is to know that they will stand by you no matter what the world throws your way, but to have one as an enemy is a terrible thing for the grey ape will stop at nothing to see you brought down.


The culture of the grey apes has evolved over time, and as their home island is trapped and split between eras, this makes any two grey apes found elsewhere in the Lost Lands likely to be from very different cultures. A warrior from the tribes of the Years of Monsters is going to approach the world differently than a scholar who served the High King’s court centuries later. This has made the reputation of the grey apes to be one of confusion, for strangers speak of the noble primitive and expect the erudite philosopher to be the same just because they are of the same race.

Trapped Between Times

Smoking Island is split into four distinct periods, an island not just in the sea but in time as well. Grey apes found away from their home might be from any of these four, and thus any two grey apes may speak very different forms of Althindu. Those that have left the Smoking Island are often tragic figures, they might never be able to go home again, and even if they did, they know the fate awaiting their island.

Racial Traits

  • Age: Grey Apes tend to live roughly the same lifespans as humans, reaching adulthood slightly at 20 years and expecting to live in to their 90s unless felled by injury or disease.
  • Alignment: Grey Apes, at least until the last years of the high king’s rule, tend to lead a fairly chaotic life. The constant struggle with the jungle and each other, and during the Years of the Monsters various would be overlords, has left the Grey Apes with a very pragmatic approach to life that tends to look at outcomes rather than good or evil.
  • Ability Score Modifiers +2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, –2 Charisma: Gray Apes are strong and wise, but ugly and prone to violent mood swings.
  • Type: Grey Apes are monstrous humanoids.
  • Large: Grey Apes are Large creatures and suffer a –1 size penalty to AC and attack rolls and a –4 size penalty to Stealth checks but gain a +1 size bonus to CMB and CMD. Large creatures occupy a 10-foot space and have a 5-foot reach.
  • Tough Skin: Gray Apes have skin more akin to the hide of oxen, granting them a +2 natural armor bonus.
  • Speed: Your base walking speed is 30 feet, and you have a climb speed of 20 feet.
  • Senses: Darkvision. Within 60 feet you see in darkness as if it were dim light, and dim light as if it were bright light. You can’t discern colors, only shades of grey.
  • Natural Attacks (Bite): Gray Apes gain a natural bite attack that deals damage based on the size of the creature (1d4 for Large Creatures). The bite is a primary attack, or a secondary attack if the creature is wielding manufactured weapons.
  • Natural Attacks (Claws): Gray Apes receive two claw attacks. These are primary natural attacks. The damage is based on the creature’s size (1d6 for Large creatures.)
  • Languages. You can speak Althindu, a language of hoots, howls, and guttural utterances. From the Era of the Three Kings on you can also read and write Althindu, but before that there is no written form of the language. Those that have left their home island can speak, read, and write Common.
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