Elf, Grey

Grey elves are the eldest of the elven races, the first ones to come to Boros from their home on a distant plane. Mostly they stay to their kingdom in the Emerald Mountains or take long sojourns to the lands of the Fey. Rarely, they will disguise themselves as a wild or high elf and go out in to the world to see new sights or visit their distant kin.

Eldest Of Elves

The grey elves are the eldest of the many races of elves, as evident by their close affinity to the Fey, their longer lifespans, their slower birth rate, and their appearance. Where a human may see a high elf as a slender being of alien beauty, the high elves look upon their grey kin and see the ethereal lightness of the Fey. Grey elves are tall and slender to the point where they appear more as wisps than flesh and bone, radiate a slight glow from their skin of silvered alabaster, and their features are so fine and straight edged that one fears to cut one’s hand upon their cheeks.

Closer To The Fey

The relationship between the most elven subraces and the fey is complex, but to the grey elves there is little difference. They see themselves as part of the Fey and the Fey lands, but living in this world only part time. Many grey elves spend large portions of their lives among the Fey, and their mindset shows it. Grey elves that have tarried too long in the lands of the Fey are capricious, curious, precise in speech, and given to strange thoughts and notions.

Racial Traits

Gray elves are in all senses elves but with the following changes:

  • Gray elves gain the fey-sighted racial trait. This replaces the elven magic racial trait.
  • Gray elves gain the fey magic racial trait. This replaces the keen senses racial trait.
  • Gray elves gain the fey thoughts racial trait. This replaces the weapon familiarity racial trait.
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