Children of circumstance, half-goblinoids tend to be surprisingly innocent and naive for the most part. They seek a place in a world that really doesn’t have one for them. Lacking the ability to comprehend their goblinoid parent and being more -or-less tolerated by the other half, the half-goblinoid finds solace where they can. Often this is in harmless fun or assertions of helpfulness but it can sometimes come about the other way—by predating or otherwise exacting revenge on whatever society they aren’t accepted into. This can be quite dangerous as half-goblinoids temper the natural aptitudes of both parents into a new breed that can predate either of the parentage societies. They lack most of the goblinoids’ weaknesses and have many new skills that neither race could have alone.

Half-goblins are usually a product of what some goblins like to refer to as “grrak chuk” —a “game of bravery” involving a goblin, a handful of coppers, and a lady of the night. This typically results in a half-goblin child born into poverty with a head full of tales of riches for the taking and the angry entitled attitude of the impoverished. Half-hobgoblins are typically a product of war-breeding programs, grinding ever onward in search of fodder. Their role is to work, fight, and die for their betters —but often they prove to be more dangerous with a weapon than either progenitor. Finally, the half-bugbear is born to midnight raids or misunderstood romps, their rapid growth coupled with their less-rapid mental development puts them in a societal role of giant children, but they show their parent’s aptitude to be frightening which puts off a number of their “normal” fellows. Regardless of the half-breed, a half-goblinoid is equal parts accepted and ostracized. One thing is inarguable however: they are prime examples of just how dangerous two completely different races could become


Half-goblinoids always look like a horrible cross between their parents —a half-goblin looks like a halfling or gnome with an overly large head and small, beady eyes, a half-hobgoblin looks like a grey -hued version of its non-goblinoid parent, with longer forearms and feet. A half-bugbear is typically almost entirely hairless and their skin has a gray hue to it. A half-goblinoid’s take on apparel is mostly influenced by their view of their goblinoid parent. If they idolize or otherwise view their goblinoid parents in a positive light then they take to tattoos of fierce animals or assumed infernal sigils and ringed piercings, making both plentiful in their apparel. The rest of their apparel is specific to the subtype of half-goblinoids.

Half-goblins prefer tight-fitting clothing and lots of jewelry, almost always wearing a bauble they’d stolen earlier for a few weeks before selling it. They also wear cloaks or other separate, easily shucked garments that they can also hide ill-gotten gains or weapons within. Their hygiene leaves much to be desired for most, though a small number have chosen to integrate with society and thus have mastered the basics of hygiene. Half-goblins don’t have a fashion sense; they seem to fail at any attempt at keeping with the times, either wearing garish, conflicting colors or formal clothes to a casual event.

Half-hobgoblins are more comfortable in armor or other hardened or heavy pieces, feeling secure in the weight of it. They seem to favor torcs and any jewellery in solid gold over other precious stones or metals. Their armor and weapons are kept in the best possible condition and they keep themselves relatively well -groomed.

Half-bugbears are comfortable in nearly anything. They have little issues with threadbare clothing or roughspun garments. They lack the fashion sense of their non-bugbear parents and prefer muted colors and unassuming jewelry.


A half-goblinoid’s behaviour is directly rooted in what society they were born into.

Half-goblins are rarely born in goblin society. To do so would almost invariably lead to the death of the child. Those that do and survive tend to leave the tribe upon reaching adulthood and head to more civilized settlements where they perpetrate minor crimes or otherwise act out if they don’t join a gang of some sort. Half-goblins born among more civilized parentage have a completely different story. They can’t relate to their goblin half; the most they understand is that their life is infinitely better. Half-goblins understand that goblins have issues with the written word, have a frightened perception of dogs and horses, and are obsessed with fire and while some half -goblins may harbor a mild or greater appreciation for these things, most half-goblins grow out of them as fads and otherwise adhere to the basic cultural influences that surround them on a daily basis.

Half-hobgoblins are almost universally the product of a breeding program for some sort of war. Half-hobgoblins reach maturity in 5 years and have garnered a certain respect—enough to create a secondary ranking system—due to their aptitude for combat. Half-hobgoblins raised thus are socially short and abrupt, hating to waste time on anything unnecessary. They treat combat skill as the only method of gaining any respect and thus are often battlecrazed, surviving fewer battles than their pure-blooded kin. Those that survive long enough to overcome this initial craze become fearsome, capable warriors that can handle any situation that might spring up.

Half-bugbears find themselves in an awkward life regardless of who their parent is; if they live in their non-bugbear’s society then they find it difficult to relate to the rest of their community. Their instinctive understanding of fear makes them appreciate it, giving them a dark sense of humor and a morbidly creative mind, but creativity needs an outlet—typically taking the form of frightening pranks or amazingly vivid and creative horror stories. However, even with those outlets sometimes it leads to an existence more akin to the bugbear’s than polite society would care for. Half-bugbears that have a bugbear for a mother grow up alone and wandering, but even these creatures aren’t predisposed towards being murderous sociopaths. Just as many of them hunger for meaningful interaction and relationships. Being completely self-sufficient by the age of 2 doesn’t eliminate their need for a mother figure or the familial desire; however, having their full growth at the age of 5 makes it difficult for others to think of them as children. Among children, however, they can be the greatest of attractions—while they understand and are able to survive on their own they don’t have the mental maturity of an adult and the children of a society that can make it past their sometimes frightening exteriors can find the ultimate sweets thief and bully detractor. To a young half-bugbear everything is a game, violence and all. Even at 2 years a life -or-death struggle against a feral animal is simply a dangerous game. This outlook really doesn’t change until they reach 10 years—old by bugbear standards.


Half-goblinoids are more deeply impacted by their society than by anything else. The saying “Can’t teach an old dog new tricks” applies to half-goblinoids more than most other races, especially in regards to behaviour.

Half-goblins raised among civilized society happily embrace their non-goblin parent and are confused by their goblin parent’s life. It never significantly harms their life but their lack of understanding tends to lend to them a curiosity about new things and other cultures, which in turn leads to a wanderlust that makes all half-goblins take to travelling some distance over their lives even if just to the next town or capital city. But a vast majority just start walking one day and keep going, figuring things out as they go.

Half-hobgoblins treat every challenge as a military exercise. Their views on magic are dictated by the society they grow up in. If they grow up among hobgoblins, they hate it. They lack any sort of trust in any magic-users in any way, ever. Sometimes they’ll suffer their presence if separated from their troop and require assistance, as they’re ultimately pragmatists and would rather live than die for ideals. Some half-hobgoblins raised in human or elven societies have proven to be more than adequate wizards, though they are unnaturally rugged for bookish types.

Half-bugbears are subconsciously aware of their heritage. They are naturally adept at exploiting fear and this fact shapes them. Some use it for good, using their knowledge of fear to liberate their fellows from fear, either by eliminating that which makes them afraid or by instilling fear in those that exploit fear for their own gain. Others use it for evil, becoming those creatures that exploit fear just like the bugbears.


Half-goblinoids often travel. Whether it’s a half-goblin wandering in search of cultures, a half-hobgoblin turning to knight -errantry to garner more respect, or a young halfbugbear seeking to simply have some fun, all half-goblinoids find themselves away from home for a portion of their lives while they learn and grow.

Half-goblins’ love for pranks, tricks, and general mischief as well as their penchant for learning new things lends towards bards, rogues, or wizards. They favor skills and knowledge over outright combat and any half-goblin who sees a goblin warband tends to attempt to do things their way at least for a little bit, hoping to sympathize with the father they’ll likely never know. They tend to value information or ancient bits of culture more than straightforward gold but also try to keep mobile, hating to be bogged down in the event that they need to flee.

Half-hobgoblins travel to kill new things and collect trophies. That’s it. Their goals for adventuring are simply to test their mettle and their metal, kill the next biggest thing, get the next greatest piece of gear, kill the next greatest thing, get the next greatest gear. They tend to focus on their own honor and social standing than on the consequences of their deeds. As fighters, cavalier, paladin (or antipaladin), and rangers, when they kill a big monster it isn’t to save the town, it’s to be able to lay claim to its death and the honor that goes along with it.

Half-bugbears adventure for fun. To them, every threat is just a new game that must be surpassed. Their views on problem resolution tend towards one of two views, avoidance or abrupt resolution. They enjoy skulking and horrifying enemies, usually with the skills inherent in dreads or rogues. They also like hunting, regardless of what the target is. Ranger, stalkers and the rare inquisitors seem to be fun to be around and a young half-bugbear may be swayed towards one of these roles if they encounter them. Likewise, some half-bugbears find themselves invested with magic and take to being sorcerers or oracles.

Half-Goblin Racial Traits

Ability Score Adjustments

+2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Half-goblins are quick and tough, but are hideous little creatures


Small: Half-goblins are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a -1 penalty to their CMB and CMD, and a +4 Size bonus on Stealth checks


Humanoid (goblinoid): Half-goblins are humanoids with the goblinoid subtype

Humanoid Heritage: At 1st level, a half-goblin must choose the gnome or Halfling subtype. They gain the chosen subtype in addition to any other subtypes they possess.

Other Racial Traits

Fast: Half-goblins are fast for their size; their base land speed is 30 ft.

Scrounger (Ex) Half-goblins have sharp senses and a knack for searching through areas, granting them a +2 racial bonus on perception checks. When taking 20 to search an area of 30-foot-by-30 foot or smaller, it only takes a full-round action (as opposed to 2 minutes or more).

Pilfer (Ex) A half-goblin has light fingers. They gain Improved Steal as a bonus feat and can steal from a flatfooted enemy as a swift action.

Darkvision (Ex) A half-goblin can see twice as far as a human in dim light.

Languages: Half-goblins begin play speaking Common and Goblin. Half-goblins with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Abyssal, Aklo, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Halfling, or Undercommon

Alternate Racial Traits

Blue-skinned: Some half-goblins are related to the psionic cousins of goblins, the blues. These blue-skinned half-goblins are typically more dignified and have the naturally psionic trait, gaining Wild Talent as a bonus feat (or Psionic Talent if they take a levels in a psionic class). This racial trait replaces scrounger.

Trickery: Some half-goblins prove to have a knack with poison, gaining the poison use special quality, but early experimentation with herbs often damage their eyes. This racial trait replaces low-light vision.

Triple-jointed (Ex) Some half-goblins have an indescribable knack for hiding in places they have no right to even fit. They gain a +8 racial bonus on Stealth checks to hide as well as a +4 racial bonus on Escape Artist checks, as well as being able to squeeze through sizes a tiny or larger sized creature could. This racial trait replaces scrounger.

Favored Class Options

Alchemist: Add +1/3 to an alchemist’s daily uses of their bomb class ability.

Cleric: Select one domain power granted at 1st level that is normally usable a number of times per day equal to 3 + the cleric’s Wisdom modifier. The cleric adds +1/2 to the number of uses per day of that domain power.

Fighter: Add +1/3 on rolls involving one combat maneuver (CMB or CMD): Disarm, Dirty Trick, Steal, or Trip.

Oracle: Add +1/2 to concentration checks while casting spells with the fire descriptor or of the divination school.

Ranger: Add +1/3 dodge bonus to the ranger’s AC against their favored enemies.

Rogue: Gain +1/6 of a new rogue talent.

Stalker: Add +1/6 of a new stalker art.

Sorcerer: Add +1/3 fire damage to evocation spells that deal fire damage.

Vizier: Add +1/4 to all elemental damage from veil abilities.

Half-Hobgoblin Racial Traits

Ability Score Adjustments

+2 Dexterity, +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Half-hobgoblins are quick and tough, but as gruff as any dwarf.


Medium: Half-hobgoblins are medium creatures, and thus have no bonuses or penalties for size.


Humanoid (goblinoid): Half-hobgoblins are humanoids with the goblinoid subtype.

Humanoid Heritage: At first level, a half-hobgoblin must choose from the dwarf, elf, or human subtype. They gain the chosen subtype in addition to any other subtypes they possess.

Other Racial Traits

Combat Intuition (Ex) Half-hobgoblins have a powerful intuation about combat. They gain Improved Initiative and may draw their weapon as a free action when initiative is rolled, even if they are flat-footed or it’s not their turn.

Wartime Predator (Ex) Half-hobgoblins have a predatory instinct for tactics. Whenever they gain a bonus from flanking or high ground, they increase it by +1, plus an additional +1 per 5 character levels. When attacking a flat-footed enemy they also gain a +2 bonus on the attack and damage roll.

Darkvision (Ex) A half-hobgoblin can see in the dark out to 90 feet.

Alternate Racial Traits

Stable And Steady (Ex) Some half-hobgoblins with dwarf blood take after their dwarven parents more than their hobgoblin ones. These half-hobgoblins are more stocky and broader of build, gaining the stability dwarven racial trait as well as not slowing down from encumbrance or heavier-than-light armor. This racial trait replaces wartime predator.

Favored Class Options

Aegis: Add +1/4 to the aegis’ customization points.

Cleric: Increase attack bonus with a specific weapon by +1/4.

Fighter: The fighter gains 1/4 of a new bonus combat feat.

Monk: Increase ki pool by +1/4.

Oracle: The oracle gains 1/6 of a new revelation.

Ranger: Add +1/4 to a single existing favored enemy bonus (maximum bonus +1 per favored enemy).

Rogue: Increase attack bonus against flat-footed enemies by +1/5.

Warlord: The warlord gains 1/6 of a new warlord gambit

Half-Bugbear Racial Traits

Ability Score Adjustments

+2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom: A half-bugbear is quick and frightening, but impulsive and weak-willed


Medium: A half-bugbear is a medium creature and thus has no bonuses or penalties due to its size


Humanoid (goblinoid): Half-bugbears are humanoids with the goblinoid subtype

Humanoid Heritage: At 1st level, half-bugbears must choose from the dwarf, elf, or human subtype. They gain the chosen subtype in addition to any other subtypes they possess.

Other Racial Traits

Scare Tactics: A half-bugbear has a knack for causing fear and panick. They have a +2 racial bonus on intimidate checks as well as increasing the DC of any spell or effect with the fear descriptor they use by 1.

Nightmare Assailant (Su): A half-bugbear has immunity to magical sleep and paralysis spells and effects; such effects, if used on the half-bugbear, instead target the originating being (just as if that being had targeted itself; if the originating being is not a legal target, the effect dissipates harmlessly)

Low-light Vision (Ex) A half-bugbear can see twice as far as a human in dim light

Languages: Half-bugbears begin play speaking Common and Goblin. Half-bugbears with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: Abyssal, Aklo, Elven, Giant, Gnoll, Halfling, or Undercommon.

Alternate Racial Traits

Friendly Smile (Ex) Some half-bugbears spurn their fearsome instincts, instead focussing on being as friendly and likable as possible. They gain a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks and any spells or effects that charm increase their DC by 1. This replaces scare tactics

Murderous Intent (Ex) A half-bugbear is naturally skilled at murdering things. They can coup de grace an enemy as a standard action. This replaces scare tactics.

Favored Class Options

Barbarian: Add +1 to the barbarian’s total number of rage rounds per day.

Cleric: Increase the DC of any spell with the fear descriptor by +1/6.

Cryptic: Add +1/5 of a new cryptic insight.

Daevic: Add a +1/2 bonus to all Intimidate checks.

Dread: Add +1/3 to damage dealt with the dread’s devastating touch.

Ranger: Increase existing favored enemy bonuses against all humanoids by +1/6.

Rogue: Add +1/2 bonus on Perception checks to detect hidden enemies.

Warder: Add +1/4 of a use of armiger’s mark.

Wilder: Increase the wilder’s elude attack dodge bonus by +1/5.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Bloodforge, © 2017, Dreamscarred Press, LLC; Author: Matthew Ryan Medeiros, Jade Ripley, based on material by Owen K.C. Stephens

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