Araiguma (Raccoon)

Araigumas were gifted with the blood of foreign raccoon-spirit. A crafty and cunning entity, the raccoon-spirit was said to travel across the world spreading mischief, fleeing consequences of its actions, tasting exotic foods, and leaving an occasional mortal progeny.

The raccoon-spirit’s children match its cleverness and curiosity, though not all of them are as mischievous as their spiritual ancestor. All of them seem to share the Raccoon’s appetite for fine foods, however, and are known to go far to try new tastes.

While members of many other races are known to become more and more conservative and set in their ways as they age, araiguma seem to retain their youthful curiosity and thirst for novelty until death, and according to many araigumas’ ghost stories, far beyond it. As they age, they often acquire many quirks and peculiarities regarding their curiosity and tastes, such as focusing on tasting new kinds of fishes or berries, with lesser regard on other dishes for example.

Physical Description: Araiguma otherwise human-like appearance is accented by a signature black and white pattern across their faces, resembling an impromptu mask, their rounded, furry ears, and a fluffy, tail with white and black or grey rings. Araiguma tend to be rather short and slightly pudgy, with dark eyes and grey or dark hair.

Society: Araigumas are less numerous than many other tribes of kemonomimi, as they are preferring to live in small groups composed of a few individuals, not necessarily related, either in isolation or within bigger settlements of other races. When numerous araigumas attempt to live together, they usually either try to govern themselves by outwitting each other into following the policy or even better make others think that the policy was their idea in the first place while pretending to not care themselves or by trying to form more or less anarchistic communes.

Relations: Araigumas get along well with all other civilized, not particularly violent races, though the sentiment is not always reciprocated as the Raccoon’s children often earn themselves reputation similar to the Raccoon’s notoriety. Catfolk, vanara, elves, gnomes, and halflings are usually well disposed toward araigumas, while dwarves and humans tend to have more mixed feelings. Inumimi are slightly distrustful and yet try to be friendly and tanukimimi often consider them kindred spirits, despite many subtle differences.

Alignment And Religion: Adaptiveness, flexibility, and cleverness are the virtues for araigumas making them somewhat prone to veering on the side of chaos. While they might have some inherent fondness for mischief, they are rarely truly cruel. When it comes to religion, araigumas are rather superstitious than reverend. They will make offerings to spirits to ward off bad luck and ill will when terrified or expecting inauspicious events.

Adventurers: Araigumas like their antecedent are prone to adventuring, not necessarily of their own choice. They favor classes that let them take advantage of their cleverness such as a wizard, investigator, and an alchemist, or let them unleash their mischievous side, such as rogue or witch.

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Scores: Araiguma are very hardy and cunning. They gain a +2 bonus to Constitution and Intelligence.
  • Type: Araiguma are humanoids with kemonomimi subtype.
  • Size: Araiguma are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Araiguma have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Low-Light Vision: In dim light, araiguma see twice as far as humans.

Feat & Skill Racial Traits

  • Racial Bonuses: Araiguma gain a +2 racial bonus to Disable Device and Sleight Of Hand checks. The are much sneakier and mechanically inclined than their chubby bodies would suggest.
  • Coon Affinity: Araiguma gain a +4 racial bonus to Handle Animal and wild empathy checks made to interact with raccoons and other similar Small or smaller omnivorous animals. All kemonomimi have an affinity for their animal kin.

Other Racial Traits

  • Dowsing: Araiguma seem to have a certain degree of affinity for fresh water. They can sense the presence of the nearest source of a freshwater such as a spring, a stream, a pond, a lake, or a well as if using locate object spell, though they must concentrate to maintain the effect. An araiguma can purify food (but not water) as if using purify food and water by washing it in running water.
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Kemonomimi: Moe Races © 2016, Amora Game; Authors: Wojciech Gruchała, Greg LaRose

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