Akaimimi (Red Panda)

Akaimimi’s heritage is that of deliberate and thoughtful red panda spirits. They are people deeply focused on spiritual development, self-reflection, and philosophical studies. While sometimes disconnected from the world at large, and even more often perceived as such, they are often in possession of great intuitive understanding of the surrounding events.

Majority of akaimimi seek harmony and internal balance and are expected to show a stoic face to the world, but some pick a darker path, finding reasons for taking the role of the evil, the tyrant, or the monster. All of those are respected as long as their actions are aligned with their philosophical outlook.

Being commonly perceived as enlightened sages had its side effect on some akaimimi, who grew aloof and take their spiritual superiority and associated respect for granted, even if they are less than perfect examples of those traits.

Physical Description: Akaimimi are recognizable by their distinctive red or reddish-brown skin, white markings across their faces, triangular furry ears, and a bushy tail. They have otherwise human-like bodies, though they tend to be rather short and lean.

Society: Akaimimi rarely form societies of their own. When they do, they usually live in monastic-like groups secluded from civilization and spend time on meditation, learning, and shared communal work for the good of the settlement. Akaimimi living in such monasteries do not form lasting couples, and all the children are raised and taught communally. Occasionally, some akaimimi leave their monastery and become traveling sages or solitary hermits. At times, akaimimi couple or two decide that they want to form lasting relationship and move out of the monastery. Depending upon their individual view and skills in supporting themselves they can either settle in non-akaimimi community or form a solitary household in some distance from other communities.

Relations: Akaimimi are greatly respected by other kemonomimi, who view them as enlightened sages, though the more mischievous kemonomimi also love to target akaimimi with their pranks. Akaimimi living among other races try to adjust into the local customs, but often they are unable to avoid providing spiritual and philosophical advice to their peers, either gaining the reputation of wise sages or annoying meddlers. Many kemonomimi rulers and communities deliberately offer permanent residence to akaimimi sage or hermit, hoping to benefit from advice of such enlightened individual. The custom is slowly spreading among the non-kemonomimi communities, though they might look more for an exotic advisor than enlightened one.

Alignment And Religion: Akaimimi are dedicated to spiritual and philosophical pursuits. Pondering the nature of the universe, ethics, and virtue often leads akaimimi to think of their own approach to life. It is common for akaimimi to not only being able to honestly estimate their stance in relation to cosmic forces of law, chaos, evil, and goodness, but also provide reasoning for their choices. It’s not evil that is condemnable in akaimimi’s eyes, but unreflective action and hypocrisy.

Adventurers: Life is a spiritual path of internal search supported by external action. Adventuring is one of the many possible routes this path can go. While the monk is the most commonly associated class with akaimimi, any class dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and enlightenment is deemed worthwhile.

Standard Racial Traits

  • Ability Scores: Akaimimi try to keep both their bodies and their spirits resilient and healthy. They gain a +2 bonus to Constitution and Wisdom.
  • Type: Akaimimi are humanoids with kemonomimi subtype.
  • Size: Akaimimi are Medium creatures and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Speed: Akaimimi have a base speed of 30 feet.
  • Languages: Kemonomimi begin play speaking Common and Sylvan. Kemonomimi with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following languages: Catfolk, Celestial, Giant, Goblin, Tengu, and Vanara.
  • Low-Light Vision: In dim light, akaimimi see twice as far as humans.

Feat & Skill Racial Traits

  • Racial Bonuses: Akaimimi gain a +2 racial bonus to Knowledge checks. They are sagacious folk, with great respect for learning.
  • Red Panda Affinity: Akaimimi gain a +4 racial bonus to Handle Animal and wild empathy checks made to interact with red pandas and similar beasts. All kemonomimi have affinity for their animal kin.

Other Racial Traits

  • Insightful Question: Akaimimi often use their intuition to reach answers to their question. They can use augury once per day as a spell-like ability. Akaimimi with ki pool can spend two ki points to use it an additional time per day. After reaching 10th level, akaimimi can also use divination once per week.
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