Kemonomimi are descendants from ancient times when the animal yokai of the forest blessed generations of human bloodlines. The kemonomimi presented in the following pages are the races that have evolved from the past to their current incarnation. This isn’t to say that it’s the only possibility of the birthing of a kemonomimi. A human mating with a member of the kitsune race could very well produce offspring of kitsunemimi children. The same can result from catfolk breeding with humans to produce nekomimi. The magical world we live in is full of possibilities.

A few great historical text state that kemononmimi have been around since the First Age, living among gnomes and fey. There of course are others that contradict this origin revealing that they have only been in existences since the dwarves reached the surface. Regardless of their actual time in history, the kemononmimi have lived on the fringes of society for the first centuries of their manifestation, slowly adapting and integrating with the cultures around them. In the present day they can be seen as common as an elf in the market, yet in some areas as sparse as a tengu.

Kemonomimi vary in their subspecies as much as the other humanoids vary from culture to culture. In some areas, they do suffer from the prejudice that any outside race would face. Like those resilient races, they overcome and thrive all the same.

Table: Random Height and Weight
Gender Base Height Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 4 ft. 10 in. 120 lbs. +(2d10 ×5 lbs.)
Female 4 ft. 5 in. 85 lbs. +(2d10 ×5 lbs.)
Araiguma, male 3 ft. 9 in. 100 lbs. +(2d8 ×2 lbs.)
Araiguma, female 3 ft. 7 in. 90 lbs. +(2d6 ×2 lbs.)
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