Publisher: Samurai Sheepdog

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Name Type Source
Accelerist page
Agent Elite page
Agent Talents page
Antipasto page
Bacon-Wrapped Tenderloin page
Baked Alaska page
Barrier Sentinel page
Battle Augur page
Béarnaise page
Béchamel page
Beef Tips page
Beef Wellington page
Beer-Battered Onion Ring page
Bisque page
Blooming Onion page
Bolognese page
Borbotos Gnolls (11 RP) page
Bound Protein Salad page
Bread, Grain page
Bread, Hertzberg page
Bread, Sourdough page
Brisket page
Burger, Gourmet page
Burger, Heart Attack page
Burger, Simple page
Carbonara page
Cuisine page
Culinarian page
Cultist page
Dragon Speaker page
Duanalas (12 RP) page
Focus Powers page
Generational Hero page
Greed S-Class Oracle Mystery page
Gremlin Spiderspawn (3pp) page
Invocations page
Invoke the Ascetic page
Invoke the Black Clover page
Invoke the Five Leaves page
Invoke the Keen Intellect page
Invoke the Lord of the Five Leaves page
Invoke the Minotaur page
Invoke the Minotaur Lords page
Invoke the Monkey King page
Makari page
Night’s Champion page
Recipes by Complexity page
S-Class Barbarian page
S-Class Culinarian page
S-Class Fighter page
S-Class Inventor page
S-Class Monk page
S-Class Oracle page
S-Class Paladin page
S-Class Ranger page
S-Class Time Thief page
S-Class Wizard page
Samurai Sheepdog page
Shattered Worlds Tech Champion page
Survivor page
Switch Upgrade Features page
Symbiant page
Symbiants (+0 to +1 RP) page
Veritus Champion page
Volwryn Mage page
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