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Name Type Source
Ancestral Conduit (Druid Archetype) page ,
Astrology page ,
Aura of Dread page ,
Aura of Sublime Dread page ,
Auroral Armaments page ,
Awaken Specter page ,
Corpse Detonation page ,
Dread page ,
Dread, Sublime page ,
Extra Secret of the Pale page ,
Extra Theology Points page ,
Extract Awakened Specter page ,
Extract Specter page ,
Extract Specter, Greater page ,
Fly In Formation (Teamwork) page ,
Grant Control page ,
Green Faith Follower (Druid Archetype) page ,
Idol of the Theologian page ,
King of Misrule (Fisherking Archetype) page ,
Magush (Vizier Archetype) page ,
Manipulate Deathly Intellect page ,
Master Undead Trainer page ,
Metallurgist (Alchemist Archetype) page ,
Pale Extraction page ,
Ring of Pale Fortification page ,
Rover (Investigator Archetype) page ,
Unaligned Undead page ,
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