Ranger Word List

Word Level | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Words marked with an asterisk (*) are boosted versions of lower level words. A wordcaster only needs to learn the base version of a word in order to be able to cast its boosted versions.

1st-Level Ranger Words

Word Name Group Source
Beacon Divination UM
Decipher Language UM
Energy Resistance Body UM
Fleet Time UM
Fortify Body UM
Nature’s Calm Animal UM
Servitor I Summoning UM

2nd-Level Ranger Words

Word Name Group Source
Decipher* Language UM
Enhance Form Body UM
Lesser Cure Healing UM
Servitor II Summoning UM
Wild Lure Animal UM

3rd-Level Ranger Words

Word Name Group Source
Moderate Cure Healing UM
Servitor III Summoning UM
Wind Wall Wall UM

4th-Level Ranger Words

Word Name Group Source
Greater Cure Healing UM
Nature’s Command Animal UM
Purify Life UM
Servitor IV Summoning UM
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