Paralyze Humanoid (binding)

School enchantment (compulsion) [mind-affecting]; Level bard 2, cleric/oracle 2, inquisitor 2, sorcerer/wizard 3, witch 2


Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw Will negates; Spell Resistance yes
Target Restrictions Selected


The target of a wordspell with this effect word is paralyzed and cannot move. It is aware and can breathe normally, but cannot take any actions. At the end of each of the creature’s turns, it can attempt a new saving throw to end the effect. Flying creatures that rely on wings to fly fall, and swimmers cannot swim and may drown. Wordspells with this effect word only affect creatures of the humanoid type.


Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic. © 2011, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Jason Bulmahn, Tim Hitchcock, Colin McComb, Rob McCreary, Jason Nelson, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Sean K Reynolds, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Russ Taylor.

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