Repelling Ward

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The power of this sutra creates an invisible barrier which repulses infernals from entering the target building.

An ofuda inscribed with this sutra is placed upon the door of the target building, and for the sutra’s duration, any infernal attempting to enter the building is unable to do so unless it succeeds on a Will save (or resists the spell with spell resistance, if applicable). This includes methods of entry besides the door, such as windows or secret passages. It also repels incorporeal creatures attempting to pass through the building’s walls, as well as attempts to teleport directly into the building.

If your sutra caster level is 10 or higher, infernals that fail their saving throw are also compelled to flee the vicinity, and must do nothing but move away from the building until they are at least 500 feet from the target building.

If your sutra caster level is 15 or higher, the invisible barrier expands at your discretion, making it impossible for infernals to come within a radius of up to 1 mile of the warded structure unless they succeed on a Will save. This Will save is in addition to the saving throw required to enter the building itself. Creatures already within this radius at the time that the sutra is cast are not affected.

If your sutra caster level is 20 or higher, you may also choose to ward the building against one additional creature type or subtype (such as animal, plant, elf, dwarf, and so on). Creatures of the chosen type or subtype are affected by the sutra as though they were infernals. The type or subtype of creature must be chosen at the time that the sutra is cast, and cannot later be changed.

Regardless of the sutra’s duration and your sutra caster level, the sutra’s power fades over time, and is discharged once it has affected 1 creature per point of your primary sutra casting ability score modifier (typically Wisdom).

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