Binding Seal

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Casting this sutra requires 2 separate ofuda and two standard actions, which must be taken within one minute of each other.

First, one of the ofuda must be placed upon a natural object (such as a tree or stone), which is to serve as a prison for the spell’s target (this is one of the two standard actions to cast the ofuda). Then, the second ofuda must be placed upon the forehead of an infernal creature (creatures of the aberration, fey, outsider and undead type, as well as those of the goblinoid and incorporeal subtypes). Placing the second ofuda on the infernal’s forehead requires a melee touch attack, which provokes attacks of opportunity (this is part of the second standard action to cast the ofuda).

The target is then imprisoned for the sutra’s duration within the natural object that was touched as part of casting the sutra. While imprisoned within the object, the affected infernal is considered to be in a state of temporal stasis and cannot be further harmed or affected in any way. Destroying the vessel which serves as the infernal’s prison frees the infernal, unharmed.

If you have a sutra caster level of 12 or higher, you can also bind the infernal to defend the object it is bound to, temporarily freeing it from its prison (and the state of temporal stasis). At any time during the spell’s duration, as a standard action you may command the target infernal to protect the area around the object to which it is imprisoned. You must be within 60 feet of the object to which the infernal is bound in order to use this ability. Ordering the target to defend the object allows it to leave its prison, but it has no will of its own, and attacks any other infernals and any creatures whose alignment opposes your own. The target cannot move more than 60 ft. from the object it is bound to while defending the object in this way. Once there are no creatures for the target to attack, he returns to his state of suspended animation within the object he is bound to.

This sutra can be made permanent with a permanency spell. Doing so requires a caster level of 11 and 5,000 gp. If the sutra is made permanent, the imprisoned infernal receives a new saving throw each week to escape from its prison.

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