Hourglass Jian Crane (+0 CR)

This ivory white, tall bird stands elegantly, peering out over the small rivers and lakes it calls home. To an unpracticed eye, this bird is an ordinary crane, or a goose to an even less trained eye.

Researchers of magical beasts and fauna recognize this noble bird by the faint silver lining to its plumage as the hourglass jian crane, an ageless bird and masterful manipulator of the sands of time.

The hourglass jian crane is extremely intelligent and is a prized ally by many for their unparalleled ability to manipulate time.

The origins of the hourglass jian crane are entangled with many of the myths and legends which are the foundation of great monastic orders.

A hourglass jian crane is a variant phoenix which exchanges talents (Nature sphere (all)), feats (Elemental Focus (fire), Sphere Focus (Nature)), the ignan language, and the glorious flames special ability for the following:

Special Attacks timeless strike (5d6 piercing)

Divination Sphere

  • Alternate Divinations
  • Time (divine time); observe what occurred up to 11 hours in the past

Time Sphere – Talents Improved Haste, Improved Slow, Mass Time, Ranged Time x2, Temporal Haste, Time Zone; (time) After Image, Eject, Retry, Time Bubble

  • alter time, medium range (210 ft.), DC 22; (apply a (time) effect on the target)
    • After Image (time); 35% miss chance, concentration or 1 sp for 11 minutes
    • Haste (time); target gains +30 ft. enhancement to all movement and +2 bonus to attack rolls and Ref saves and +2 dodge bonus to AC, concentration or 1 sp for 11 rounds
      • Improved Haste; target may attempt additional attack during full attack, or 3 additional attacks of opportunity
      • Temporal Haste; 1 sp, additional move or swift action during duration
    • Mass Time; 1 sp, target an additional 5 creatures
    • Ranged Time; increase (time) distance to medium
    • Retry (time); immediate action, 2 sp, restart turn. Will save if during an unwilling creature’s turn
    • Slow (time); Will negates, target’s movement is halved and suffers -2 penalty to attack rolls, AC, and Ref saves, concentration or 1 sp for 11 rounds
    • Time Bubble (time); 1 sp, 25-ft. radius bubble for 11 rounds, centered on self. Grants partial concealment against attacks outside radius, and damages creatures occupying squares inside and outside of radius. 1 sp to apply haste or slow to radius and may exclude self
    • Time Zone; adjust area into 35-ft. globe (centered on self) or 14 10-ft.cubes
    • Timeless Crane’s Hourglass (time); 35-ft. radius bubble, grant a 5-ft. step or teleport creatures inside radius, concentration or 1 sp for 11 rounds

Languages celestial
Feats: Spell Capacitor, Sphere Focus (Time)

Special Abilities

Ageless (Ex)

A hourglass jian crane does not age after reaching maturity and cannot die of old age. Whenever an hourglass jian crane would attempt a saving throw against a Time sphere effect or similar spell and is not a willing target of the effect, it rolls twice on its saving throw and uses the better result, gaining the benefits of evasion and stalwart against that effect (suffering no additional effects on a successful save). If the hourglass jian crane successfully saves, it may cast an (alter time) effect targeting only itself as an immediate action.

Crane’s Signature Hourglass (Ex)

An hourglass jian crane may use the Time sphere Timeless Crane’s Hourglass tumble option even though it does not possess the Warp sphere, and may use the tumble option without spending an additional spell point.

Timeless Strike (Su)

An hourglass jian crane gains a melee touch attack that is treated as a light weapon and can be used whenever the hourglass jian crane could make an attack (such as during an attack action or attack of opportunity) dealing 5d6 piercing damage to the opponent. The hourglass jian crane may apply this damage to its unarmed strikes. In addition, the hourglass jian crane can use this ability to heal a creature instead of damaging them by briefly reversing time to seal their wounds as a move action, restoring 5d6 hit points. This healing cannot restore a creature’s hit points above half their normal maximum.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Spheres Bestiary: Magical Beasts and Climactic Encounters, © 2021, Drop Dead Studios; Author: Steven Alpert.

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