Design alteration; Level 4


Casting Time 1 standard action


Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Target one creature
Duration 1 min./level (D); see text
Saving Throw Fortitude negates; Spell Resistance yes


You significantly hinder a creature’s physical capability. Choose one of the following:
  • -6 penalty to either Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution (minimum 1).
  • -4 penalty on attack rolls, saves, ability checks, and skill checks.
  • Each turn, the target has a 50% change to act normally, otherwise, it takes no action.

Overload: When you overload this script, you gain different ways to hinder your target, based on the runic charges used:

  • Alteration: Damage Reduction (if any) is lowered by 10
  • Creation: Natural healing from rest is halved, and any healing applied to the target heals only half its normal hit points.
  • Destruction: Once per round when it takes damage, it also takes an additional 1d6 damage of the same type.
  • Invocation: All energy resistances are lowered by 10.
  • Manipulation: Reduce all forms of movement by half.
  • Revelation: -6 penalty to either Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma (minimum 1).

You may still only apply one effect to the target. In addition, for each runic charge used (of any type) the effect lasts for a longer time. One charge increases the duration to 10 minutes per level, two charges to 1 hour per level, three charges to 1 day per level, and four charges to permanent. A permanent cripple can only be removed by break enchantment, disenchant, limited wish, miracle, and wish.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Path of Iron, © 2015, Ascension Games, LLC; Author Christopher Moore

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