Vandrae, Drowess Poisontouch

This sadistic drow assassin killed friend and foe alike. Vandrae grants the guile of an assassin to those who strike her as cold and alien as she was in life.

Summoning Rules

The following describes the requirements and rituals for binding Vandrae.

Spirit Level: 3rd
Constellation: Dark Beyond
Binding DC: 20
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on the spirit’s binding check if you meet some or all of these conditions.

  • You are female, a drow, or have murdered someone who loved you in cold blood.
  • Vandrae’s seal is drawn in an area of shadow or darkness.
  • You sacrifice a male humanoid within Vandrae’s seal during the ceremony.

Ceremony: You fill a golden chalice with spider‘s venom and drink its contents. Spider venom is an injury poison and does no harm to you when ingested. If you are male, you must write the name of a woman close to you on a slip of paper and add it to the chalice’s contents.
Manifestation: Your veins pulse with the spider‘s venom, causing you to vomit the concoction onto the seal. Your vomit is pitch-black and molds itself into the form of a female drow who impatiently commands you to begin bargaining with her.

Granted Abilities

Vandrae grants the following abilities.

Major Granted Abilities

Sleep Toxin: You attempt to poison a creature as a melee touch attack. The poison’s statistics are as follows:

Type poison, contact; Save as a major granted ability; Effect unconsciousness for 1 round; Frequency 1/round for 4 rounds; Cure 1 save.

After using this ability, it is expended for 5 rounds.

Capstone Empowerment: A creature that succeeds on its saving throw against your sleep toxin becomes groggy, taking a -4 penalty on Perception checks and attack rolls for 4 rounds.

Minor Granted Abilities

Dark Mantle: As a move action you create a 20-foot area of magical darkness, centered on yourself. This darkness does not move with you but you can see through it without hindrance. You can only have one area of darkness active at a time, and additional uses dismiss the previous ones.
Guile of Vandrae: You gain an insight bonus on Perception and Stealth checks equal to ½ your binder level.
Hide in Plain Sight: This ability functions like a shadowdancer’s ability to hide in plain sight, allowing you to make Stealth checks while observed in areas of shadow or darkness.
Sneak Attack: You gain sneak attack as a rogue equal to ½ your binder level. This benefit stacks with any rogue levels you possess, up to your character level.

Signs and Inflience

The spirit affects you in the following ways:

Physical Sign: Your skin darkens and you become covered in war-paint tattoos that cannot be washed off. Whenever you activate one of Vandrae’s granted abilities, your blood surges, causing your entire body to flush.
Personality: You humiliate your foes whenever possible, preferably crippling them or rendering them impotent instead of killing them.
Favored Ally: Humanoid (female drow only)
Favored Enemy: Humanoid (male giants only)

Vestigial Companion

You gain the service of a spider familiar for the duration of the pact. Treat your binder level as your wizard level to determine your familiar’s abilities.

This granted ability replaces dark mantle.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pact Magic Unbound, Vol. 1. Copyright, 2012, Radiance House. Author(s): Alexander Augunas, Dario Nardi

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