Dark Blood, the Rakshasa Prince

The spirit Dark Blood consists of six souls that bartered for power and now answer the call of those who seek the same.

Summoning Rules

The following describes the requirements and rituals for binding Dark Blood.

Spirit Level: 5th
Constellation: Fiend
Binding DC: 24
Totems: You gain a totem bonus on the spirit’s binding check if you meet some or all of these conditions.

  • You are male or can speak Infernal.
  • You anoint yourself with the blood of a good outsider during Dark Blood’s ceremony. Doing so is an evil act.
  • You masterfully brutalize yourself or another creature within the seal during Dark Blood’s ceremony, dealing at least ½ of that creature’s total hit points in lethal or nonlethal damage.

Ceremony: You cut gashes on your body in six places: on each arm, each leg, your abdomen, and your temple.
Manifestation: The blood from your gashes begins to bleed quicker at no harm to yourself, pooling into the images of six hobgoblin males who pressure you to begin.

Granted Abilities

Dark Blood grants the following abilities.

Major Granted Abilities

Thirst for Blood: As a swift action, you grant yourself an additional turn at the end of the round. You can only take 1 standard action during this extra turn (effects such as haste that grant you additional actions in a round have no effect). After using this extra standard action, you become staggered for 1 round. After using this ability, it becomes expended for 5 rounds.
Capstone Empowerment: After using the extra action granted by thirst for blood, you are fatigued for 4 rounds instead of staggered for 1 round.

Minor Granted Abilities

Disguise Granted Abilities: You gain the Disguise Granted Abilities binder secret, even if you do not meet the secret’s prerequisites.
Rakshasa’s Rage: As a standard action, you transform into an animalistic hybrid. This functions as a barbarian’s rage, except you also gain a +2 natural armor bonus to AC, a +10 foot bonus to your base speed, a primary bite attack (1d6 + Str; 1d4 if Small), and 2 claw attacks (1d4+Str; 1d3 if Small). You possess a number of daily rounds of this rage equal to your binder level + your Charisma modifier. These rounds do not need to be used consecutively.
Read Mind: You can read the minds of a single creature as if you had cast detect thoughts, except it lasts only 1 round, you use it on a single target as a standard action, and if the target fails its Will save, you gain information as if you had concentrated for 3 rounds. Creatures that succeed on their saving throw become immune to this ability for 24 hours.
Silver Tongue: You gain an insight bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate checks equal to ½ your binder level.

Signs and Influence

The spirit affects you in the following ways:

Physical Sign: Your head mutates into that of a feral animal. The player may select which animal, but it should be appropriate to the character’s flaws and negative traits. Whenever you activate one of Dark Blood’s granted abilities, your hands become like rakshasa hands.
Personality: You act brash and animalistic towards others.
Favored Ally: Animal (any) and Outsider (rakshasa)
Favored Enemy: Any (creatures with more Hit Dice than you, excluding favored allies)

Vestigial Companion

You gain the service of a raktavarna familiar for the duration of the pact. Treat your binder level as your wizard level to determine your familiar’s abilities. You are treated as lawful evil for the purpose of adjudicating the familiar.

This ability replaces rakshasa’s rage.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pact Magic Unbound, Vol. 1. Copyright, 2012, Radiance House. Author(s): Alexander Augunas, Dario Nardi

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