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As long as a creature with invocations has an unspent spell slot of an invocation’s spell level or higher, it gains the benefits of the invocation.

Some invocations have a variable effect. A creature with invocations sets the minimum spell level and chooses any other options related to those invocations when she prepare spells. For example, an invoker can choose to invoke the dark one with a minimum 4th-level spell slot, applying the +8 luck bonus to her Fortitude saves until the next time she prepares spells. Once she has cast all of her 4th-level and higher spells for the day, the invoker no longer gain the benefits of that invocation.

If a creature possesses multiple invocations with the same minimum spell level, it chooses which of those invocations to stop using as she runs out of spell slots. For example, if the invoker above can channel darkness and invoke the banshee, but only has one 3rd-level or higher spell slot available, she must choose which of those invocations she can no longer use until she regain her spell slots.

Unless specified otherwise, a creature with invocations can only ever have one of each invocation active at a time, and it can only ever have one invocation that creates or summons a creature active at a time.

How to Gain Access to Invocations

Invokers are the main class that gains access to invocations. In addition, clerics with the eldritch acolyte archetype, paladins with the eldritch champion archetype, and sorcerers with the eldritch initiate archetype gain invocations in exchange for some of their other class features.

Invocations by Minimum Spell Level

1st-Level Invocations
Channel Fear: Energy blast target is shaken.
Channel Sickness: Energy blast target is sickened.
Essence Spear: Energy blast out to 120 feet.
Essence Weapon: Energy blast through weapon.
Invoke the Beguiler: Improves Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate.
Invoke the Dark One: Gain luck on one type of saves.
Invoke the Dwarven Lords: See in magical darkness.
Invoke the Monkey King: Improves Acrobatics, Athletics, and Swim.

2nd-Level Invocations
Invoke Entropy: Avoid ranged attacks and tracking.
Invoke the Unseen: Vanish from sight for a short time.

3rd-Level Invocations
Channel Cold: Energy blast deals cold damage.
Channel Darkness: Energy blast target is blinded.
Channel Fire: Energy blast deals fire damage.
Invoke Darkness: Create darkness.
Invoke the Banshee: Shatter objects with a single word.
Invoke the Blind One: Gain blindsense out to 30 feet.
Invoke the Earth: Capture enemies in the earth.
Invoke the Fog: Create a fog cloud.
Invoke the Spider Queen: Gain spiderclimb.
Invoke the Swarm: Summon a swarm.
Invoke the Third Eye: Gain see invisibility.

4th-Level Invocations
Essence Chain: Energy blast jumps between targets.
Invoke the Lords of Air: Fly with good maneuverability.
Invoke the Magic Eater: Dispel magic, harming the target.

5th-Level Invocations
Invoke Despair: Bestow a curse.
Invoke Friendship: Target becomes your friend.
Invoke Gloom: Create a wall of gloom.
Invoke the Coward: Dimension door, leaving behind an image.
Invoke the Dead: Animate dead.
Invoke the Hungering Void: Create shadows filled with bats.
Invoke the Kraken: Create black tentacles.
Invoke the Lords of Flame: Create a wall of fire.
Invoke the Lords of Stone: Reshape stone.

6th-Level Invocations
Channel Acid: Energy blast deals acid damage.
Channel Confusion: Energy blast target is confused.
Channel Nausea: Energy blast target is nauseated.
Channel Power: Energy blast target is knocked back.
Essence Breath: Energy blast in a cone.
Invoke Plague: Create an insect plague.
Invoke the Living Shadow: Gain total concealment in shadows.
Invoke the Messenger: Communicate with sending.
Invoke Water: Create concealing fog that fatigues.

7th-Level Invocations
Invoke the Devourer: Dispel magic and gain temporary hp.
Invoke the Lords of Shadow: Shadow walk and heal faster.

8th-Level Invocations
Channel Evil: Energy blast target is enervated.
Essence Blast: Energy blast in an area.
Invoke the Fey Court: Transform an unwilling creature.
Invoke the Lords of the Unseen: Become invisible. Damage if dispelled.
Invoke the Vampire Lord: Become a swarm of shadows.

9th-Level Invocations
Invoke the Mystic: Gain foresight.

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