Cyborg Engineer

Though many may utilize the wide array of technological advancements that permeate society, few truly command them with the skill and understanding of a cyborg engineer. By harnessing his innate abilities to augment the devices and materials around him, cyborg engineers demonstrate a mastery of all machines.

Technological Investment

A cyborg engineer may use his own internal mechanisms to operate machines around him.

The cyborg engineer may invest his essence into technological items that he possesses.

The normal limitations for essence capacity apply, and this capacity is increased by the vizier’s improved essence capacity ability.

The vizier chooses how much essence to invest at the start of the day when he shapes his veils, and essence distributed to technological items in this way cannot be redistributed for 24 hours. Technological items consume one fewer charge with each use for each point of essence invested in them (minimum 0).

This ability replaces eldritch insight.

If using this ability to use a technological dorje (see psionics as advanced technology below), this ability functions as the normal eldritch insight ability for the purpose of using such items. In the case of items that use power points, this ability reduces the number of power points used with each manifestation from the item by 1 for every point of essence invested in this ability (minimum 0).

Mechanical Attunement

In place of the vizier’s normal mystic attunements, a cyborg engineer may select the following attunement.

Mechanical Attunement: The cyborg engineer may add half his class level (minimum 1) to all craft and Knowledge (engineering) checks that he makes. Technological items may be crafted by the cyborg engineer without a lab, although the process takes 20% longer. In addition, all mechanical items used within 30 feet of him may have their save DC increased by 1 and their damage dice increased by one step, at the cyborg engineer’s discretion. In addition, he gains the following abilities:

Fluid Energy

A cyborg engineer is capable of transferring energy between batteries with ease, transforming the shape and nature of energy with a thought. As a swift action, a cyborg engineer may transfer a number of charges equal to his class level between technological devices within a 30-foot radius. These exchanged charges can be allocated however the cyborg engineer prefers.

At 5th level, the cyborg engineer receives Craft Technological Item as a bonus feat.

At 9th level, the cyborg engineer receives Craft Technological Arms and Armor as a bonus feat.

At 13th level, the cyborg engineer receives Craft Cybernetics as a bonus feat, even if he does not meet the prerequisites.

At 17th level, the cost of crafting all technological items is reduced by 25%.

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