Magush (Vizier Archetype)

Vizier’s are often seen as being wise. This is a flawed perception is born of others mistaking their strong command of arcane and worldly knowledge for wisdom.

Magush however are viziers that specialize in wisdom divined from the heavens. They are both priestly and scholarly in the bearing, and are well known for their command of astrology. Magush are nearly always followers of good or neutral aligned gods of fire, knowledge, and purity.

Alignment: Any non-evil.

Paths of the Wise: A magush must select Path of the Mage, or Path of the Scholar, as their path of mystic attunement at 1st level. They gain an additional ability at 7th level, depending of the path they selected as follows:

  • Heavenward Gaze (Path of the Scholar): Though they focused their talents elsewhere, even a scholarly magush has an affinity for the stars. The magush gains the benefits of a constant supernatural starsight effect. Additionally, they are very talented at scribing scrolls containing stellar magic. When scribing scrolls of spells that are found on the domain spell list for the stars subdomain, or the sun domain, they reduce the cost to do so by 5%.
  • Learned (Path of the Mage): A magush that seeks to know the innermost nature of the stars, does not seek to simply collect new knowledge, but instead they work to make it a part of themself. They can use their Wisdom modifier instead of their Intelligence modifier on Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (religion), and on checks for 1 additional Intelligence based skill of their choice.

This alters mystic attunement.

Philosopher Priest

A magush uses Wisdom as their veilweaving modifier and in place of Intelligence to determine the amount of temporary essence that is granted by chakra rebirth. They also can’t shape veils with the evil descriptor. Additionally, their vizier levels count as divine caster levels instead of arcane caster levels as described in the eldritch insight ability.

This ability alters the vizier’s veilweaving, eldritch insight, and chakra rebirth abilities.


Despite not being a psychic caster, at 1st level the magush gains the ability to use the prognostication occult skill unlock, but they may use Knowledge (geography) in place of Sense Motive and can only use this unlock via horoscopy.

Aura (Ex)

Similar to a cleric, a magush has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to their deity’s alignment (see detect evil for details).

Priest of the Holy Fire (Ex)

Regardless of their theological allegiances, there is always a strong association between a magush and the divine connotations of fire. At 3rd level, the DCs of fire and positive energy effects produced by the magush’s veils and constellations are increased by +1, and the damage or healing caused by these effects are also increased by +2. The bonus to DCs increases by +1, and the bonus to 11 healing and damage increases by +2, at 11th an 19th levels.

This ability replaces the veil DC increases granted by improved essence capacity.

Twinveil Divination

At 15th level, the magush gains the ability to shape and bind a second veil to a slot occupied by another veil. This second veil must be Dreamcatcher, Eye of the Oracle, or have the divination descriptor. This veil still counts against their total number of veils shaped.

This ability replaces twinveil rings.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Akashic Tales: Gifts of Winter Pageantry, © 2021 Azoth Games; Author James Ray

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Akashic Tales: Gifts of Winter Pageantry, © 2021 James Ray; Author James Ray

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