Path of the Hexweaver (Vizier Mystic Attunement)

A vizier that chooses this path seeks power beyond themself, drawing on faceless forces and strange entities like the witches they often befriend. They can call upon the power of hexes and other gifts gleaned from these forces.

Hexwoven Band (Su)

At 1st level the hexweaver gains the ability to draw forth fragments of unearthly power, weave them with gossamer threads of akasha, and wear these creations as rings upon their fingers. The hexweaver counts as having the hex class feature and selects one hex from the list available to the fisherking. To gain the uses or benefit of the selected hex, when shaping veils for the day the hexweaver must shape that hex to their ring slot as if it were a veil. A hex shaped in this way is called a hexwoven band. The vizier gains the benefits or uses of that hex as if they were a fisherking of a level equal to their vizier level. Hexwoven bands can be invested with essence, and follow the normal rules for veils including hardness, essence capacity, slot limitations, and suppression. Any benefits of a hexwoven band are lost so long as it is suppressed. The DC to resist a hexwoven band’s effects is 10 + the number of points of essence invested in it + the vizier’s Intelligence modifier. A hexweaver that gains additional hexes from sources other than this path must shape them as hexwoven bands to use them or gain their benefits, unless they have gained the ability to use hexes from another source such as levels in the witch class. Hexes gained via this ability must always be shaped as hexwoven bands to gain their benefits, even if the vizier has gained the ability to use hexes from another source such as levels in the witch class.

Any creature currently created or controlled by one of his shaped veils counts as witch’s familiar for any hexes that require a familiar and such a creature can deliver the touch for an activated hex like a witch’s familiar.

A hexweaver who does not have a hexwoven band shaped instead gains a competence bonus to AC and on all saving throws against attacks or effects created by witches and hags. This bonus is equal to the number of hexes that have been gained by the hexweaver. At 5th level, the vizier selects a second hex. If the vizier is capable of shaping multiple veils to their ring slot they can shape multiple hexwoven bands and gain their benefits. In addition the vizier can use their veilshifting ability to change the hex granted by their hexwoven band to another they possess.

At 9th level, the vizier selects a witch patron and gains the ability to bind hexwoven bands to their Ring chakra gaining the following benefit. Once per day, the vizier can take a point of essence burn to cast a spell from the list granted by his selected patron as a spell-like ability with caster level equal to their class level. They can only use this ability to cast a spell that could be cast by a witch of his vizier level. At 13th and 17th levels, the vizier gains a hex or major hex from the list available to the fisherking.

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