Daevas of Desire seek out servants whose lust for physical pleasures burns within them with an all-consuming ferocity. Wild hedonists, passionate lovers, men and women who make their living or spend their gold in houses of ill repute, even drug addicts and gluttons have all been known to attract the attention of daevas of this Passion. A Daevic who selects this Passion is almost never of Lawful alignment as their driving needs usually consume any consideration they might have for rules or codes.

Passion Veils: Bangles of the Jealous Seductress, Courtesan’s Cloak, Daevic Aspect, Embrace of the Old Ones, Essence of the Succubus, Heartsblood Caress, Immaculate Touch, Lover’s Tread, Waistband of the Wealthy

Class Skills:Appraise, Sleight of Hand, Stealth.

Starting at 3rd level, daevics of desire discover that they are able to simulate effects that other creatures accomplish through skill or cleverness by bringing the supernatural force of their own personality to bear. The daevic may use her Charisma modifier in place of her Dexterity or Intelligence modifiers to determine prerequisites for feats and uses Charisma in place of Intelligence when determining her total bonus in the appraise skill. In addition, the daevic gains Precise Shot and Willful Throw as bonus feats, even if she would not normally meet their prerequisites. At 6th level the possessing daeva begins to transform and adopt an affinity for a particular aspect of Desire. Choose one of the following aspects: Love or Avarice


Daevics of love inevitably attract devoted followers or lovers. The Daevic gains the companionship of a paramour, a devoted companion who is at least two levels lower than yourself. The paramour should be equipped with gear appropriate for its level (see Creating NPCs). While paramours are generally humanoids with similar characteristics to the daevic, some monstrous creatures known for mating or bonding with humanoids, such as dragons, may also make suitable paramours; such creatures should never have a CR greater than the daevic’s level –3. The paramour does not gain experience itself, but gains a level each time the daevic does. The daevas that empower the bond between a daevic and her paramour are often jealous creatures, unwilling to compete with forces that are equal to or greater in power than themselves. As such, paramours may never take levels in a dedicated spellcasting class (such as a wizard, cleric, psion, or adept) or classes whose focus simulates dedicated spellcasting (like the vizier). This jealousy often spreads from the daeva to both her daevic and their paramour; because of this, neither a daevic with this ability nor their paramour can ever take the Leadership feat or gain the permanent services of another creature (such as an eidolon or familiar); if they currently have the services of another companion creature it is immediately dismissed unless it is a valid option as a paramour and designated such. If they had the Leadership feat before gaining this class feature, they immediately lose all of its benefits and must retrain it at the first opportunity. The daevic may replace a slain paramour after 1 week of mourning by seeking out a new companion, or may replace a current paramour by cutting ties with the current one over that same period; note that a jilted lover who discovers they have been replaced may seek revenge for the slight depending on their nature.


Daevics who follow the path of avarice often lack the commitment necessary to form a long term bond with a sentient being, but this makes them no less possessive of what they consider theirs. Starting at 6th level, any weapon that remains in the daevics possession for at least 24 hours gains the Returning and Called properties; this power is immediately lost if the daevic willingly gives the weapon to another sentient creature and cannot be restored until the weapon returns to the daevic’s possession for another 24 hours. At 12th level, the daevic may activate the Called ability as a free action instead of the normal swift action. At 18th level, whenever the daevic succeeds on a ranged attack with a thrown weapon, the target is affected by an Unnatural Lust effect with a DC equal to 10 + ½ class level + Charisma modifier.

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