Veilweaving Classes

Characters of any class can learn to use akasha through feats or other means, but the true masters are those who dedicate themselves to wielding this ancient power by advancing in a veilweaving class.

Daevic: The daevic creates a symbiotic bond to a powerful outsider, harnessing its power. This bond makes the daevic tougher, stronger, and more charismatic, making her a powerful front line fighter and capable leader.

Guru: The guru train in mystic monasteries learning to harness their life energy and focus their spirit to subdue their enemies without taking their lives. The guru can forge his essence into a weapon capable of disrupting an enemy’s essence, causing non-lethal damage and even disturbing their inner flow of energy so severely that they succumb to debilitating effects like blindness or exhaustion. All gurus inevitably head out into the world to test their learning and gain new experiences, shaping and defining their Philosophy.

Vizier: The vizier uses his keen wits to channel and focus akashic energy to serve his purposes, developing new and powerful veils. The vizier is the undisputed master of veils; no other class can match his expertise or versatility with their powers.

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Akashic Mysteries, © 2014 Dreamscarred Press; Author: Michael Sayre

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