Shape Veil

You gain the ability to shape a single veil.

Prerequisite(s): Veilweaver level 3rd or Con 13, Wis 13, and character level 5th.

Benefit(s): When this feat is selected, choose a veil from any class’s veil list. The veil must match one of the following slots: Hands, Feet, Head, Wrist, Shoulders, Headband, Belt, Neck. A veil that can be shaped in multiple slots is not eligible to be taken unless both slots are included in this list.

You can shape that veil using the normal veilweaving rules. If you do not have levels in a veilweaving class, you have total veils shaped of 1 and use your Wisdom modifier to determine the DCs and effects of your veil abilities. If you gain any levels in a veilweaving class, your primary veilweaving attribute is determined by that class. Once chosen, the veil granted by this feat can never be changed. Your veilweaver level for this veil is equal to your character level.

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, choose a new veil.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Akashic Mysteries, © 2014 Dreamscarred Press; Author: Michael Sayre

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