Pistolero’s Bind (Akashic)

With a flick of the wrist you repair your damaged weapon with a thin layer of akasha.

Prerequisite(s): Con 13, proficient with at least one firearm, ability to bind veils to your hands slot.

Benefit(s): You can use a standard action to remove the broken condition from a single firearm you are currently wielding, as long as that condition was gained by a firearm misfire. This is not a permanent fix, as you have merely reinforced the weapon with a weak Akashic veil. Any further misfires will cause the weapon to become useless until it is repaired (though the akasha reinforcing the weapon will prevent early firearms from exploding).

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Akashic Mysteries, © 2014 Dreamscarred Press; Author: Michael Sayre

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