Cleric/Oracle Spells (3pp)

Cleric/Oracle Spells by 3rd Party Publishers

Note: An M or F in the spell lists denotes a spell with a material or focus component, respectively, that is not normally included in a spell component pouch.

0-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells (Orisons)
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Alleviate Ends a sickened condition for a target. 4W:BoDM
Animate Tools Tools automatically perform simple tasks. RP:101-0
Antagonize Wound Touch deals 1 point of damage each round to an injured creature. RP:101-0
Anvil Sparks Hot sparks deals 1d3 points of fire damage. 4W:BoDM
Askew Balance Target creature falls prone. RP:101-0
Balance Weapon Weapon becomes easier to use. RP:101-0
Ball of Air Knocks a target off balance for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Ball of Smoke Provides total concealment in a 5-ft. radius ball for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Blowing Dust Target has a 50% miss chance on all attacks for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Canny Effort Caster gains a +2 competence bonus on next skill check. RP:101-0
Capture Alive Target’s non-magical melee attacks inflict only nonlethal damage. RP:101-0
Card Trick Create a single playing card or tarot card. 4W:BoDM
Ceremonial Servant You create a shadowy figure that can participate in ceremonies or rituals. RP:101-0
Cleanse of Alcohol Subject is completely cured of alcohol effects. RP:101-0
Countervailing Helps compensate for, but does not dispel or eliminate, the effects of a detrimental spell. RP:101-0
Crack Inflicts damage to a single object, undead or construct creature. RP:101-0
Create Ice Creates a 5′ square sheet of ice on the ground, causing it to become difficult terrain. SGG:IM
Crystal Symbol Launches crystal that inflicts 1d3 points of divine damage. RP:101-0
Dancing Shadows As dancing lights, but it creates 1 to 4 motes of darkness, each reducing light by 1 step. SGG:110SV
Depilatory Removes hair and prevents its regrowth for 24 hours. 4W:BoDM
Detect Charm Determines whether a creature is under a charm effect. RP:101-0
Dim Dims light sources within 100 feet of object touched. RP:101-0
Discern Health Can read the target creature’s health from his aura. RP:101-0
Divine Mark Etch a personal rune or mark upon any substance. 4W:BoDM
Divine Mark TO:FF
Eyes of the Augur Gain a +10 bonus to Spellcraft checks to identify a spell. RP:101-0
Glimmer of Hope Increase chance of target stabilizing at negative hit points. RP:101-0
Heaven’s Teardrop You cause a bit of light to coalesce into a teardrop and fall from the sky doing 2 points of damage to a single target. RP:101-0
Infuse Weapon Touched weapon deals +1 damage of a chosen energy type. RP:101-0
Light My Fire Starts a fire quickly. RP:101-0
Lightning Sand Earth entangles foe. RP:101-0
Lightsight Negate penalties caused by light. RP:101-0
Long Range Weapon Thrown weapon or projectile gains 50% more range. RP:101-0
Low Blow Target takes 1 point of bludgeoning damage, and becomes sickened for 1 round. RP:101-0
Magic Spike, Lesser Bolt of energy inflicts a -1 circumstance penalty to spell, spell-like ability and supernatural DCs. RP:101-0
Mishap You create a minor mishap. RP:101-0
Muscle Spasm Target suffers from twitching muscles for 1 round and potentially drops held items. 4W:BoDM
Muscle Spasm TO:FF
Putrefy Food and Drink Spoils and poisons food and drink. RP:101-0
Ray of Decay TO:FF
Ray of Light Leaves a creature that is susceptible to sunlight shaken for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Ray of Light TO:FF
Resistance to Fear The subject gains a +2 morale bonus against fear effects for 1 minute. RP:101-0
Sea Spray Salty mist blinds a target for 1 round. 4W:BoDM
Settle Stomach Ends a nauseated condition for a target. 4W:BoDM
Shelve Returns a book to its shelf in the proper place. RP:101-0
Sickening Smell You conjure a small cloud of pollen or incense that inflicts the sickened condition. RP:101-0
Sign of Discovery Grant +2 insight bonus to your next knowledge, perception or sense motive check. RP:101-0
Simple Bed Creates a comfortable place to sleep giving caster +1 hp to normal healing rate for bed rest. RP:101-0
Spook Animal Target animal is panicked. RP:101-0
Stonesense Gain stonecunning ability as a dwarf. RP:101-0
Summarize Quickly summarize a text of up to 250 pages. RP:101-0
Thicken You can alter the strength and thickness of small inanimate objects. RP:101-0
Touch of Fatigue Target becomes fatigued. RP:101-0
Touch of Lethargy Target is staggered for one round. RP:101-0
Touch of Torment Touch attack inflicts –1 penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks. RP:101-0
Virulence Weakens the innate resistance of its target making him more susceptible to poison and disease effects. RP:101-0

1st-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Animate Skeleton Animate and control one skeletal servant. RP:101-1
Astute Fighting Recipient gains +2 bonus on attack rolls, may be able to make an extra melee attack. RP:101-1
Briefly Visible Invisible creatures or objects within 10 feet become visible to caster for one round. RP:101-1
Calling the Flock Home Send a beam of light into the sky as a signal for your allies. 4W:BoDM
Clarissa’s Confusing Speech Target has trouble understanding and being understood. JBE: SS2
Clarity of the Faith Gives the target a +5 bonus to Knowledge (religion) checks regarding your faith. RP:101-1
Clarity of Thought Grants +4 insight bonus to Concentration checks. RP:101-1
Contingent Minor Healing Target that takes 4 or more damage instantly heals 1 hit point. RP:101-1
Curse of Ineptitude Target experiences clumsiness and bad luck (Swift). RP:101-1
Dead Man’s Ink Transfer an enchanted tattoo from a corpse to a willing target. RP:WY
Deceitful Gain a +2 bonus to Bluff and Disguise checks. 4W:BoDM
Dispel Magic, Lesser As dispel magic except maximum +5. RP:101-1
Divine Strike Target gains a bonus to weapon damage for 1 round/level, and all weapons are considered magic for purpose of overcoming DR. 4W:BoDM
Draw on Faith Gain a +1 bonus on one save, check, or attack roll. RP:101-1
Erase Tattoo Erase a mundane tattoo from a target RP:WY
Even Odds Target uses your BAB instead of their own for the duration of the spell. 4W:BoDM
Fight or Flight Target gains temporary bonus to hit or to speed. 4W:S&T
Gloomlight Grant creatures with darkvision the ability to perceive color in the area. RP:101-1
Guilt One evil target is denied an action. RP:101-1
Harden Increases object’s hardness by 50%. RP:101-1
Healing Stones Three stones each remove 1 point of temporary ability damage when placed on a target creature’s skin. 4W:BoDM
Hesitation Target’s initiative count drops by your caster level (Swift). RP:101-1
Hex of the Bull’s Eye Target suffers a 20% hit chance. RP:101-1
Hex Weapon You curse a single weapon so it cannot be wielded. RP:101-1
Hidden Illumination Invisible field enhances low-light vision and darkvision. AG:PS
Inflict Pain Causes 2d6+1/level nonlethal damage and a -1 penalty to attack rolls, ability and skill checks for 1 minute. RP:101-1
Inspired Initiative Subjects gain +2 bonus on their next initiative check. RP:101-1
Judgmental Cure Heals 1d8 hit points to good creatures; deals 1d8 damage to evil creatures. 4W:S&T
Land on Your Feet Fall short distances with little or no damage. 4W:BoDM
Mistsight You can see through mist, fog, and rain. RP:101-1
Poison Weapon As magic weapon, but weapon becomes coated with poison. RP:101-1
Potent Weapon Weapon gains bonuses against a specific foe. RP:101-1
Precipitate Driving rain, sleet, or snow blocks sight and grants concealment, plus quenches fires, impedes movement. RP:101-1
Rite of Passage Grants multiple targets +1 bonuses on any 3 saves, attacks, or skill or ability checks in their first month of adulthood. 4W:BoDM
Sacred Watch Watches over the target, giving immediate knowledge when he is in danger. RP:101-1
Scourge As burning hands but it deals untyped holy damage, and it affects creatures of opposing alignment only. SGG:110SV
Second Chance Grants subject a second chance at a saving throw. RP:101-1
Serenity Allies gain a +1 bonus to Will saves. 4W:BoDM
Silver Tongue Gain a +2 bonus to Diplomacy checks. 4W:BoDM
Spirit Guide You gain a +1 divine bonus to skill checks for 1 hour. 4W:BoDM
Supernatural Ward Subject gains +4 bonus on saves against supernatural abilities (Immediate). RP:101-1
Torchbearer You conjure a creature that carries a torch, sunrod, lantern or daylight spell. RP:101-1
Transcribe Record a conversation on a scroll, book, or tablet LPJ:NEM
Valiant Resolve Subject gains DR 10/non-lethal. RP:101-1
War Paint Imbue face paint with power to leave viewers shaken for 1 round/level. 4W:BoDM
War Paint TO:FF
Ward, Lesser Inscription harms those who pass it. RP:101-1

2nd-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Airblast Make a ranged combat maneuver against one foe. SGG:AM
Angry Wound Touch deals 1d6 damage each round. RP:101-2
Apocalypse Oracle Only. As hideous laughter, but the target screams denials as dread fates in its future are revealed. SGG:110SV
Augment Poison Changes a poison’s DC, adds +1 to ability damage, and adds 1 round to its duration. RP:101-2
Bear’s Curse Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Con. RP:101-2
Bleed No More Target’s open wounds clot and stop bleeding, preventing further bleed damage. 4W:BoDM
Break Object Inflicts damage and broken condition on a single object or damages a construct creature. RP:101-2
Brightmatter Sticky phosphorescent mass sheds light where ifs attached. RP:101-2
Bull’s Curse Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Str. RP:101-2
Cat’s Curse Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Dex. RP:101-2
Chinook Create a warm wind that raises the temperature and can dispel cold effects. SGG:AM
Code Skill Gives a construct ranks in a single skill. RP:101-2
Contingent Light Healing Target that takes 4 or more damage instantly heals 1d8 hit points. RP:101-2
Curse of Prevarication Subject can’t tell the truth. RP:101-2
Damage Loins Target takes 1d6 damage/2 levels, moves at half speed, becomes sickened for 1d4 rounds. RP:101-2
Deadeye As bomber’s eye, but it applies to ranged weapons that are not thrown. SGG:110SV
Destabilize Magic The save DCs in a specified area are randomized. RP:101-2
Detect Curse As detect magic, but it detects cursed items and creatures rather than magic. SGG:110SV
Detect Disease Detect the presence of disease and further details about the disease. 4W:BoDM
Divine Beacon An individual or group knows the direction and range of the caster and his condition. RP:101-1
Eagle’s Curse Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Cha. RP:101-2
Energy Loop Create a hoop that gives energy resistance to creatures that pass through it PFU:W1
Envenomed Skin The caster’s skin becomes mottled with poison-filled pustules that can burst in a 5-ft. radius. RP:101-2
Examine Coffin Allows the caster to probe the contents of a sealed coffin. RP:101-2
Flame of the Forge Jet of flame bursts forth from your weapon, dealing 1d6 fire damage/level (maximum 10d6). 4W:BoDM
Flexarmor You reduce the armor check penalty and arcane spell failure chance for a single set of armor or a shield. RP:101-2
Foehn Cone-shaped area filled with wind that sickens those within. SGG:AM
Fool’s Luck Touched creature is briefly luckier against traps, hazards, poisons and diseases. RP:101-2
Fox’s Curse Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Int. RP:101-2
Frigid Slowness Causes 1d4/level points of cold damage (max 10d4) and the target is slowed. RP:101-2
Future’s Boon Cleric Only. On a d20 roll, a cleric with the luck domain rolls two dice and takes the better result. RP:101-2
Hex of Chaos Target suffers a random curse every round. RP:101-2
Ineffable Enigma Oracle Only. As lesser confusion, but lasts as long as you concentrate. SGG:110SV
Khazri Create a cold wind that lowers the temperature and can dispel fire effects. SGG:AM
Mantle of Love F Grants a +4 bonus on saving throws to one living creature. 4W:BoDM
Mantle of Love TO:FF
Melodious Joy Inspiring music begins to play, mimicking a bard’s Inspire Courage ability. 4W:BoDM
Murderous Haruspicy Use the entrails of a murder victim to get a bonus on a Knowledge check. TPK:IASU
Nightsnare You cause a very deep, very short sleep to fall upon a target. RP:101-2
Oathbind Willing participants immediately gain awareness that another party has violated the terms of a written contract. RP:101-2
Owl’s Curse Subject suffers a permanent -4 or -2 circumstance penalty to Wis. RP:101-2
Phantom Caretaker F Summoned doctor tends to creatures in your stead. AG:PS
Pleasant Dreams Protects a creature from influenced dreams. 4W:BoDM
Program Feat Gives one construct the benefits of a single feat. RP:101-2
Prophecy Oracle Only. As bless, but with expanded range and duration. SGG:110SV
Resist Temptation 4W:BoDM
Retribution Target takes an equal amount of damage as he deals on his next attack. 4W:BoDM
Sea Legs Target gains +5 bonus to Dexterity-based checks while at sea, and cannot become nauseated or sickened. 4W:BoDM
Shooting Star You cause a fiery hot stone to fall from the sky doing 2d6 per level damage to a single target. RP:101-2
Shunt Place target into the Ethereal Plane for 1 round. RP:101-2
Song of Rapture All followers of your deity within 20 ft. of you receive a +2 bonus to attacks, saves, skill and ability checks for 1 round/level. 4W:BoDM
Symbol of Darkness M Triggered rune creates darkness, causes fatigue. AG:PS
Thief Ward Sleight of Hand and Stealth checks are made at a -10 penalty. RP:101-2
Trade Wind Summon favorable winds to increase a ship’s speed or a creature’s flight. SGG:AM
Voice of the Gods Your voice makes allies immune to fear, but potentially frightens your foes. 4W:BoDM
Web Shelter You create a small but relatively secure shelter out of sticky webs. RP:101-2
Weltering Wave In a 20-foot-radius spread you cause chaotic energies to shake and disorient targets. RP:101-2
Wind Tunnel Use curtains of air to aid your allies’ movement, and hinder your foes’. SGG:AM

3rd-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Analyze Ancestry M Learn a creature’s genealogy back ten generations. 4W:BoDM
Animate Construct As animate dead, except it creates animated objects of the same CR as the undead you could create with animate dead . SGG:110SV
Armor of Light Creates a shimmering armor that grants a +1 deflection bonus, dazzles attackers, and causes attacks to miss 20% of the time. RP:101-3
Aura of Peace Creatures near caster have combat penalties. RP:101-3
Beast’s Curse Target is incessantly hounded by animals. RP:101-3
Beneficent Breeze Target’s movement is aided by friendly winds. SGG:AM
Bridge of Crystal Create a crystal bridge that extends over a large gap. RP:101-3
Change Fate You shape randomness by choosing between two die rolls for some single event. RP:101-3
Chilling Mist Icy vapor grants concealment, deals 1d6/round nonlethal damage. RP:101-3
Contingent Moderate Healing Target that takes 8 or more damage instantly heals 2d8 hit points. RP:101-3
Crown of Terror Enemies within 10 feet become shaken or frightened when you attack. RP:101-3
Crown of Valor You and allies within 10 feet gain +1 on attacks and checks, +2 on saves against fear. RP:101-3
Curse of Capturing Target inflicts only nonlethal damage and conditions. RP:101-3
Curse of Chaos Target suffers random changes each day to appearance, abilities, etc. RP:101-3
Curse of Item Rebellion A single item acts as if cursed. RP:101-3
Curse of Truth Target is incapable of speaking falsehoods. RP:101-3
Deepsight Extend darkvision by 60 ft. RP:101-3
Demon Flesh, Lesser The subject gains damage reduction 5/cold iron and good. RP:101-3
Disarming Storm Disarms targets in an area. 4W:S&T
Divine Grant As divine favor, but the bonus applies to caster level checks and concentration checks rather than the normal benefit. SGG:110SV
Eidetic Memory Recall all you have read with near-perfect clarity; can Take 20 on Knowledge skill checks for the spell’s duration. 4W:BoDM
Euphoria Subject feels good despite danger or pain. RP:101-3
Exigent Shield As shield other but works only on damage that would kill or knock unconscious a target. SGG:110SV
Flaming Bolt Imbue ammunition with a to deal fire damage LPJ:NEM
Giant Boulder Magical stones are hurled and strike targets as boulders. RP:101-2
Glass House You create a protective cube of magical glass. RP:101-3
Glossolalia Target’s speech becomes random and inappropriate. RP:101-3
Halfling’s Bravery Target gains a +5 bonus to saves vs. fear. 4W:BoDM
Healing Sphere From a distance, heal a creature of 2d8 points +1/level (maximum +10). 4W:BoDM
Healing Stones, Greater Three stones each remove 2 points total of 1 or 2 types of temporary ability damage when placed on a target creature’s skin. 4W:BoDM
Intercession Redirect an attack or effect upon yourself to protect its intended target. RP:101-3
Lifebond Target can permanently monitor his true love as if by a status spell. 4W:BoDM
Lost Subject moves at half speed in a random direction each round. RP:101-3
Magic Spike Bolt of energy inflicts a -2 penalty to spell, spell-like ability and supernatural DCs. RP:101-3
Mute Subject cannot produce sounds from its mouth. RP:101-2
Necrotic Claws TO:FF
Ocean God’s Blessing Grants a +10 bonus to Swim checks and doubles the length of time a target can hold his breath for 10 min./level. 4W:BoDM
Premonition You keep your Dexterity bonus to AC while flatfooted, cannot be surprised and do not provoke attacks of opportunity; gain +2 bonus to Reflex saves and Dexterity checks. 4W:BoDM
Reveal Curse Learn what curses are in place on a creature or object, and what needs to be done to remove the curses. 4W:BoDM
Revitalize As greater restoration, but it also fixes staggered, and its effects last only for the spell’s duration. SGG:110SV
Safe Burial Protects one dead body from rising as undead, being looted or destroyed for up to 12 weeks. 4W:BoDM
Secret Speech You and creatures you select conceal hidden messages in your normal speech. RP:101-3
Serenity, Greater Allies gain a +3 bonus to Will saves, +5 to Diplomacy checks, and are harder to Intimidate. 4W:BoDM
Shadow Healing Illusion of cure moderate wounds grants 2d8 temp hp plus 1 temp hp/level (max +10); target has attitude improved by one-step, takes –2 a penalty on saves against your enchantment spells. RP:101-3
Siphoning Touch, Lesser Receive the effects of a 2nd level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Spirit Guide, Greater You gain a +5 divine bonus to skill checks for 1 hour. 4W:BoDM
Surge Target creature gains +20 to initiative. RP:101-3
Sword of the Elf Mother Conjures a +1 silver longsword that deals double damage vs. undead. 4W:BoDM
Telepathic Overload Chaotic thoughts disrupt telepathy and harm mind-readers. RP:101-3
Torn Muscle One living creature is flat-footed, cannot run, and suffers a -4 penalty to attacks, skills and ability checks. RP:101-2
Troll Arms Creature gains increased Strength and reach. RP:101-3
True Aspect As true form, but it applies to illusions concealing appearance, including invisibility, rather than the normal benefit. SGG:110SV
Weapons Storm You create force duplicates of your weapon that hit what you hit. RP:101-3

4th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Animal Mind Subject believes it’s a specific kind of animal. RP:101-3
Animate Body Part Bring severed limb to life. 4W:S&T
Beauty of Youth M You appear younger than you actually are. 4W:BoDM
Bestow Affliction Bestow a magical affliction on your target RP:101-MWP
Bleeding Wound All the target’s wounds from piercing or slashing weapons bleed 1 hp/round until target is healed or dies. 4W:BoDM
Call Totem Animal Summon a totem animal to complete a task for you. 4W:BoDM
Control Light M Alter light levels within 60 ft. AG:PS
Crusader’s Blessing As blessing of courage and life, but it grants a +2 morale bonus to AC and attack rolls and the burst of healing energy heals 3d8 + caster level . SGG:110SV
Dogs of War Summon 1d4+1 hell hounds to serve you for 24 hours. 4W:BoDM
Earth Storm Deal 1d8/level to a target by striking the ground with your melee weapon. 4W:BoDM
Fire Path Create a pathway of living flame for you and your companions to use as a bridge. 4W:BoDM
Ghost Touch Affected objects can interact with incorporeal creatures. 4W:BoDM
Golden Shield Dome that undead creatures cannot enter forms around you. 4W:BoDM
Impotency TO:FF
Infuse Holy (or Unholy) Symbol Channel energy attempts are maximized and divine spells are cast at one caster level higher. 4W:BoDM
Phantom Ambush Target believes himself surrounded by enemies that no one else can see. 4W:BoDM
Red Rain Heavy, blood red rain deals 4d6 damage and potentially spreads a disease. 4W:BoDM
Regenerate, Lesser Reconnects severed limbs. 4W:S&T
Retribution, Greater Target takes twice the damage he deals on his next attack. 4W:BoDM
Saving Grace If the target drops below 0 hp, he gains temporary hp equal to half his normal amount. 4W:BoDM
Sensory Deprivation Creature has its extraordinary senses negated. AG:PS
Shared Stomach PFU:W4
Symbol of Blinding M Triggered rune permanently blinds creatures. AG:PS
Temporary Enchantment I Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS
Twinning PFU:W4

5th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Arrow of Vengeance Obtain vengeance with a (un)holy arrow attack BP:VR
Cause Fear, Mass Frightens multiple creatures of 7 HD or less. 4W:BoDM
Circle of Doom Deal 1d8+1/level negative energy damage in a 20 ft radius burst WotC:SRD
Control Winds, Lesser Make minor changes to wind direction and speed. SGG:AM
Curse of the Lightless F Target no longer casts a shadow, becomes vulnerable to light like a vampire. AG:PS
Divine Strike, Mass As divine strike, but affects multiple creatures. 4W:BoDM
Falcon Flag Animate a flag to guide creatures untiringly to a destination. PFU:W1
Fast Healing Grants target fast healing 2. 4W:S&T
Faux Find As nondetection, but failed divinations also create random false detection of target elsewhere within the divination spell’s range. SGG:110SV
Giant Strike As strong jaw, but it affects unarmed and weapon attacks. SGG:110SV
Grave Influence As mass suggestion, but effects undead. SGG:110SV
Magic Status As status, but also know names and caster levels of any spells cast on your allies. 4W:BoDM
Music of the Spheres Allies get an extra 5-ft. step every time another ally moves at least 5 ft. 4W:BoDM
Opportunity Choose the best of out three rolls for every attack, save, skill or ability check made. 4W:BoDM
Order of Battle Keep track of your allies in battle with you. 4W:BoDM
Sanctuary, Mass Multiple targets can’t attack or be attacked 4W:BoDM
Spiritual Warrior As spiritual weapon, except damage is 2d6 +1/level, and the weapon threatens adjacent spaces. SGG:110SV
Succor Prevents negative levels, energy drain, and ability damage and drain. 4W:BoDM
Temporary Enchantment II Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS
Updraft Launches a foe 10 ft. per caster level straight up. 4W:S&T
Void Field Pitch-black field negates all sensory input. AG:PS
Warmonger All creatures within 20 ft. of you fall into a barbaric rage for 1 round/level. 4W:BoDM

6th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Body to Body As shield other, but affects multiple targets and spells you cast on yourself can also affect your targets. 4W:BoDM
Child of Ill Fortune Target suffers -2 penalty to attack, damage, skill and ability checks; spells cast by target have their DC reduced by 5. 4W:BoDM
Deathwings Shadowy wings can be used to attack or create burst of negative energy. AG:PS
Fires of Renewal Deals 1d6 points fire damage per level to plants and plant creatures in a 50-ft. radius. 4W:BoDM
Golden Shield, Greater As golden shield, but also prevents constructs from entry and is mobile. 4W:BoDM
Hammer and Anvil A hammer of force deals 1d4/level (max 10d4) to up to 3 targets and an additional 2d8 as the hammer slams them against a force anvil. 4W:BoDM
Maul of Anarchy As spiritual weapon, except targets hit are affected as by the chaos hammer spell rather than the normal damage. SGG:110SV
Poisoned Blood Your blood becomes poisonous to others. 4W:BoDM
Sea Legs, Mass As sea legs, but benefits multiple targets. 4W:BoDM
Siphoning Touch Receive the effects of a 5th level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Temporary Enchantment III Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS

7th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Banish Light Creates total darkness within 30 ft., negates light and fire magic. AG:PS
Banish Shadows Creates brilliant light within 30 ft., negates darkness and shadow magic. AG:PS
Entropic Sphere Sphere of force grows as it travels; deals 1d8 points damage per ft. diameter. 4W:BoDM
Halfling’s Bravery, Mass Multiple targets gain a +5 bonus to saves vs. fear. 4W:BoDM
Night Terrors Target suffers horrifying nightmares and loses Wisdom if he cannot wake up. 4W:BoDM
Portal As transport via plants, except travel is from doorway to doorway rather than plant to plant . SGG:110SV
Sensory Deprivation, Greater As sensory deprivation, but also negates magical and supernatural senses. AG:PS
Slow Death Target suffers Constitution drain at 1 point/hour due to internal damage. 4W:BoDM
Temporary Enchantment IV Temporarily enchant a weapon. AE:ToS

8th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Bleeding Wound, Mass Cause multiple targets’ wounds from piercing or slashing weapons to bleed 1 hp/round until targets are healed or die. 4W:BoDM
Deny As greater dispel magic, but it can be used to counterspell instantaneous spells in addition to normal options. SGG:110SV
Doombringer’s Wrath Concussive wave of evil energy deals 1d6 points damage/level to creatures and objects; can knock Large creatures and smaller prone. 4W:BoDM
Dreamwalker Enter, witness, and influence the dreams of another creature. 4W:BoDM
Edict As dictum, but with different effects. SGG:110SV
Peace Aura Wards an area against violence; anyone attacking someone within warded area takes 1d6 points force damage/level. 4W:BoDM
Pestilence As summon swarm but any creature damaged by the swarm is targeted by a contagion spell cast at your caster level . SGG:110SV

9th-Level Cleric/Oracle Spells
Spell Name Comp. Description Source
Alter Reality M As limited wish, but it creates effects that could exist without magic only. SGG:110SV
Bound Prophecy Make a prophecy about a creature and his descendants, which will drive them as if affected by a permanent geas/quest. 4W:BoDM
Curse of the Ancient Mariner Curse a captain and his ships to doom no matter where he goes NG:DMC
Cyclone Barrier Create a wall of hurricane-force winds. SGG:AM
Entropic Storm Entropic energies rapidly decay creatures and objects in the area. AG:PS
Excommunication Remove a follower from your faith, cutting their access to divine spells and powers. 4W:BoDM
Siphoning Touch Receive the effects of a 8th level or lower touch spell as though your target cast it on you. 4W:S&T
Symbol of Lust As symbol of death, but targets act as if under an elixir of love for 10 minutes/level. SGG:110SV
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