Preconstructed Spellbooks

Each spellbook or formula book is a unique reflection of the personality and capabilities of its creator. Many of these tomes contain more than just spells, such as notes on the caster’s other research, personal diaries, naturalist sketches, or even political treatises. Some contain preparation rituals, each of which grants a boon—or sometimes a hindrance—to spellcasters who use the book to prepare their spells.

The sample spellbooks and formula books below each list a description of the book, information on the caster’s specialty school and oppositional schools (if any), the book’s spells, and its preparation ritual (if any). Some books also contain precautions against prying eyes.

Descriptions, protections, preparation rituals, and spell content can be mixed and matched as desired from different books. Higher-level books can easily serve for lower-level casters—just drop the spell levels that aren’t applicable and remove lower-level spells as desired. Similarly, if you desire longer books, combine two together or add spells or formulae of your choice to the desired levels. These books also work as spellbooks and formula books for new characters. Just copy the list, hand it to the player, and go.

A standard spellbook includes all cantrips from the Core Rulebook except those in the wizard’s oppositional schools. Books containing cantrips from additional sources are noted in the content description.

Each book features a value, which represents what a character must pay for the book on the open market, though finding a seller may be difficult. The character may sell the book for half that value. Any book with a preparation ritual has two sets of costs, one for the book without the preparation ritual, and one for the book with the ritual. Using Preparation Rituals

When a spellcaster who prepares spells uses a spellbook or formula book with a preparation ritual, as long as he prepares at least three spells (not including cantrips) or formulae from the spellbooks, he gains a temporary boon granted by the ritual. The boon lasts until its effect is spent (as specified by the boon description) or the spellcaster prepares spells again (at which time it can be reapplied by preparing at least three spells from the book). A spellcaster can only take the effect of one preparation ritual when she prepares spells, no matter how many spellbooks with preparation rituals she uses to prepare spells.

A superscript “S” (S) indicates a spell from the caster’s specialty school, whereas a superscript “OP” (OP) indicates a spell from the spellbook creator’s opposition school.

Note: A superscript [errata removes 0-level spells] indicates that an errata update indicated to remove references to all listed 0-level spells. As we ( editors) have posted the previously missing 0-level spells which were made available in a Paizo blog post, we have left references to the spells intact. It is, as alway, GM discretion if these spells are usable of course.

Defensive Primer (Level 1 Abjurer)

This surprisingly ornate and heavy volume is more than three-quarters empty. Tightly written notes on the precepts of arcane defense and the vulnerabilities of supernatural entities fill the first two pages.

Protection Average lock (DC 25)

Opposition schools Conjuration, enchantment

Value 185 gp


1stburning hands, detect undead, expeditious retreat, magic missile, protection from evil S, ray of enfeeblement, shieldS

Apprentice Chapbook of Rul Thaven (Level 2 Diviner)

This slim book is carefully but amateurishly bound, with leather stretched tight across thin boards. The writing inside is fussy and crammed together, with words that are occasionally illegible. Eight of its pages contain spells; the final 10 pages are blank. A portrait of a plain woman, unsmiling, has been bound into the inside front cover.

Opposition schools Illusion, transmutation

Value 195 gp


1stcomprehend languages S, detect secret doors S, detect undead S, identify S, protection from evil, protection from law, summon monster I, true strikeS

Unnamed Journal (Level 3 Universalist)

This is a simple, unadorned spellbook. Notes on improving the efficiency of each spell crowd the margins, most of them hopelessly misguided.

Value 275 gp


2ndfox’s cunning, scorching ray

1stalarm, feather fall, obscuring mist, mount, shield, shocking grasp, silent image, sleep

0—standard plus jolt [UM] [errata removes 0-level spells]

Traveler’s Tome (Level 4 Transmuter)

This small book, no larger than a pocket notebook, is bound between wooden covers, and is clearly a copy meant to withstand the rigors of adventuring. The arrowhead lodged in the cover can’t be removed without magic.

Protection Simple lock (DC 20)

Opposition schools Conjuration, enchantment

Value 365 gp


2ndglide S, knock S, levitate S, rope trick S

1stant haul S, enlarge person S, erase S, expeditious retreat S, gravity bow S, hold portal, jump S, magic weapon S, shield

Book of Harms (Level 5 Evoker)

The leather wrapping of this book is of an indeterminate type, and gives off a faint and unpleasant scent, as of charred meat. The writing inside is in a jagged hand, and many notes on the ash-smudged pages indicate its previous owner sought ever more damaging magic. A glittering rune in the cover’s center is shaped vaguely like a lightning bolt.

Protection Average lock (DC 25)

Oppositional schools Divination, transmutation

Value 535 gp (900 gp with preparation ritual)


3rdfireball S, lightning bolt S

2ndacid arrow, darkness S, ghoul touch, gust of wind S

1stburning hands S, color spray, corrosive touch S, hydraulic push S, hypnotism, magic missile S, ray of enfeeblement, shocking grasp S

Preparation Ritual

Harmful Surge (Su) You can maximize a spell, but doing so damages you. Spend this boon effect as a free action when you cast a wizard evocation spell. When you do, you can treat that spell as if it were cast with the Maximize Spell metamagic feat, but you take 1d4 points of damage × the level of the spell that you are maximizing. The damage you take cannot be reduced in any way.

Lab Journal of Constance Inflix (Level 5 Alchemist)

The steel cover of this slim journal has taken its fair share of abuse; acid scars and minor slag spots show where the journal was subjected to intense working conditions. Equations, balances, and chemical notations mark the margins of the pages—with some formulae, it is difficult to tell where the notes end and the formula begins.

Value 395 gp (770 gp with preparation ritual)


2ndblur, delay poison, fire breath, transmute potion to poison, vomit swarm

1stbomber’s eye, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, jump, keen senses, negate aroma, resist energy, touch of the sea

Preparation Ritual

Alchemical Protection (Su) The alchemical knowledge granted by this book protects you from poisons and alchemical items. Spend this boon’s effect as an immediate action when you make a saving throw against poison or an alchemical item but before rolling the saving throw. You gain a +4 bonus on that saving throw.

Book of the Grave (Level 6 Necromancer)

This tome reeks of decomposing flesh or some even fouler stench. Grave mold clings to the worm-eaten cover, and dirt stains the pages. Some pages have been torn out.

Protection The edges of the first three pages are coated with nitharit poison (contact; save Fort DC 13; frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes; effect 1d3 Con damage; cure 1 save).

Opposition schools Enchantment, transmutation

Value 815 gp (1,265 gp with preparation ritual)


3rdblood biography, ray of exhaustion S, vampiric touch S, vitriol [UM] (missing)

2ndcommand undead S, create treasure map, ghoul touch S, spectral hand S, stone call, web

1stburning hands, chill touch S, disguise self, mage armor, protection from good, ray of enfeeblement S, sculpt corpse S, shield, true strike, ventriloquism

0—standard plus penumbra [UM] [errata removes 0-level spells]

Preparation Ritual

Breath of the Grave (Su) As a swift action, spend this boon’s effect to breathe a 15-foot cone of rotting stench. Creatures within the cone must succeed at a Fortitude saving throw (DC 10 + your highest caster level in a class that prepares spells) or be sickened for 1 round. This spends the boon. After this boon has been spent, you take a –4 penalty on Diplomacy and Stealth checks until you prepare spells again.

Grimoire of Glittering Eyes (Level 7 Illusionist)

The title of this book is embossed into the scaly cover. Inside, the pages sparkle and gleam in even the faintest light, and the handwriting looks preternaturally clean.

Protection The entire book is warded with illusory script (Will DC 16; on failure, the suggestion is for the reader to “Close the book and leave”).

Opposition schools Evocation, necromancy

Value 1,055 gp (1,755 gp with preparation ritual)


4thphantasmal killer S, wandering star motes S,

3rdillusory script S, invisibility sphere S, madness S [UM] (missing), major image S

2ndmagic mouth S, misdirection S, phantom trap S, scare OP

1stalarm, animate rope, color spray S, comprehend languages, disguise self S, hypnotism, magic aura S, magic weapon, shield, sleep

Preparation Ritual

Glittering Eyes (Su) When casting an illusion spell, you gain expanded sight. Spend this boon’s effect as a free action when you cast an illusion spell. You gain darkvision 60 feet and a +4 bonus on saving throws to disbelieve illusions, with both benefits lasting for 1 minute.

Tome of the Transmuter (Level 8 Transmuter)

This simple book is bound in white leather with a silver clasp. Careful notes on economic theory in a crisp and precise hand occupy the last few written pages, after which there is a page stained with a dark reddish-brown smear. The rest of the pages are blank.

Protection Good lock (DC 30), explosive runes (Reflex DC 16)

Opposition schools Illusion, necromancy

Value 1,835 gp (2,635 gp with the preparation ritual)


4thbeast shape II S, calcific touch S, confusion, dimension door, stone shapeS

3rdarcane sight, dispel magic, explosive runes, lightning bolt, greater magic weapon S, slow S

2ndalter self S, flaming sphere, knock S, pyrotechnics S, resist energy, see invisibility, whispering wind S

1stanimate rope S, charm person, color spray OP, erase S, floating disk, hush [UM] (missing), mage armor, magic missile, protection from chaos, unseen servant

0—standard plus drench [UM], spark [APG] [errata removes 0-level spells]

Preparation Ritual

Defensive Transmutation (Su) When taking another shape, you can increase your defenses. Spend this boon’s effect as a free action when you cast a transmutation spell with a range of personal. As long as you are affected by that spell, you gain a +2 natural armor bonus for the duration of the spell.

Journeyman Book of Rul Thaven (Level 9 Diviner)

This medium-sized book has a creased spine and supple gray leather covers. The leather has rubbed away in certain spots, tiny pinhole burns pock the surface, and a brass lock holds the book shut. A woman’s portrait has been bound into the front cover, and text covers almost all of the image except her face: text in circles, with arrows pointing to new circles with suppositions. Underneath the woman’s chin are the words “Diabolist sacrifice?”

Protection Average lock (DC 25), and the 5th-level spells are hidden with secret page. The special word is “reveal.”

Opposition schools Illusion, transmutation

Value 2,195 gp (3,320 gp with the preparation ritual)


5thcontact other plane S, major creation, telepathic bond S,

4thdetect scrying S, locate creature S, remove curse, scryingS

3rdarcane sight S, clairaudience/clairvoyance S, secret page OP, tongues S

2nddetect thoughts S, flaming sphere, locate object S, resist energy, see invisibility S, summon monster II

1stcause fear, comprehend languages S, detect secret doors S, detect undead S, disguise self OP, identify S, protection from evil, protection from law, true strike S

Preparation Ritual

Eyes of Rul Thaven (Su) You use a trick perfected by Rul Thaven to ferret out invisible creatures. Spend this boon’s effect as a swift action. You gain the effects of see invisibility for 1 round.

Journal of the Beast Within (Level 10 Alchemist)

This ragged collection of scorched and stained notes is tied with cheap twine between wooden covers. A few formulae appear to have been deliberately obliterated, scratched through so thoroughly that the paper is torn in places.

Value 915 gp (2,165 gp with the preparation ritual)


4thdragon’s breath

3rdbeast shape I, rage, tongues, water breathing

2ndbarkskin, bull’s strength, cure moderate wounds, elemental touch, resist energy

1stbomber’s eye, comprehend languages, crafter’s fortune, cure light wounds, disguise self, enlarge person, identify, shield

Preparation Ritual

Beastly Concoction (Su) This journal grants you the ability to make an extremely potent and savage mutagen. Spend this boon when you imbibe your mutagen. The mutagen grants you a +6 alchemical bonus to your selected ability score instead of the normal +4; you take a –2 penalty to all of your mental ability scores (Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma) while the mutagen is in effect.

Manuscript of Jack Were-son (Level 10 Universalist)

Blood, dirt, wine, and more stain this white leather book. The owner’s name, Jack Were-son, is stamped into the cover in peeling gold, yet no more information about the author is immediately evident. Several of the pages contain careful diagrams and illustrations done by a competent but uninspiring artist.

Protection Average lock with arcane lock (DC 35) and explosive runes (Reflex DC 16)

Value 2,835 gp


5thbreak enchantment, mage’s private sanctum, polymorph, treasure stitching

4thcharm monster, dimension door, greater invisibility, moonstruck, true form

3rdcloak of winds, explosive runes, haste, lightning bolt, nondetection, twilight knife

2ndacid arrow, burning gaze, dust of twilight, fog cloud, metabolize [UM] (missing), protection from arrows, spider climb

1stalter winds, ant haul, burning hands, cause fear, hold portal, identify, magic missile, sleep, stone fist, vanish

Arctic Call (Level 11 Evoker)

Fine vellum sheets fill these two well-worn books. Beautiful illustrations depict the effects of each spell, many with a distinctly arctic theme. Though the pages and their wintry illustrations are of high quality, the protective leather case that encloses both books smells and feels greasy, as if the hide has been crudely waterproofed with animal fat.

Protection Fire trap modified to inflict cold damage (Reflex DC 17)

Opposition schools Illusion, necromancy

Value 4,335 gp (5,985 gp with the preparation ritual)


6thcontingency S, freezing sphere S, repulsion

5thcone of cold S, mage’s private sanctum, permanency, teleport, wall of forceS

4thice storm S, shout S, stoneskin, symbol of revelation [UM], wall of iceS

3rdarcane sight, dispel magic, elemental aura S, fire trap, heroism, lightning bolt S, phantom steed, seek thoughts

2ndbull’s strength, false life OP, glitterdust, hideous laughter, make whole, resist energy, rope trick

1stdetect secret doors, endure elements, enlarge person, feather fall, mage armor, magic missile S, obscuring mist, shield, shocking grasp S

0—standard plus breeze [UM] (missing) [errata removes 0-level spells]

Preparation Ritual

Rime Bite (Su) You infuse your spell with a biting cold that few can withstand. Spend this boon as a free action when you cast a spell with the cold descriptor. Any damage from that spell ignores all resistance to cold, but does not ignore immunity to cold.

Insights of Far-Seeing Taernis (Level 12 Conjurer)

These two books are part of a set held together with a leather strap. The covers are of a shimmering and unearthly blue leather, and the spines are built of silver and iron. The books are chilly to the touch, and staring at them induces minor vertigo.

Protection Sepia snake sigil (Reflex DC 16)

Opposition schools Divination, necromancy

Value 4,555 gp (6,355 gp with the preparation ritual)


6thgetaway S, planar binding S, summon monster VI S, wall of iron S

5thlife bubble S [UM], contact other plane OP, overland flight S [UM], teleportS

4thacid pit S, black tentacles S, dimensional anchor, lesser geas, phantasmal killer, solid fogS

3rdgaseous form, greater magic weapon, magic circle against evil, sepia snake sigil S, spiked pit S, stinking cloud, tiny hut

2ndarrow eruption S, daze monster, dust of twilight S, fantastic reach [UM] (missing), glitterdust S, metabolize S (missing) [UM], shatter, stone call S,

1stcomprehend languages OP, disguise self, jump, mage armor S, magic aura, mount S, sleep, stumble gap S, unseen servant S

Preparation Ritual

Sturdy Summoning (Su) A creature you summon gains augmented defenses for a short time. Spend this boon effect as a free action when you cast a conjuration (summoning) wizard spell. The creature you summon with that spell gains a number of temporary hit points equal to your caster level, and as long as the summoned creature has at least 1 of these hit points, it gains a +2 circumstance bonus on saving throws.

Quest Eternal (Level 13 Diviner)

Stuffed between the pages of these two well-worn volumes are all manner of riddles, tidbits of lore, and fragments of maps. One of the covers is missing a corner, as if hacked off with a blade, and the text inside is tiny and cramped, as if the author were afraid of running out of room.

Opposition schools Conjuration, transmutation

Value 6,475 gp (8,395 gp with the preparation ritual)


7thgreater arcane sight S, greater scrying S, prismatic spray

6thchain lightning, contingency, eyebite, legend lore S, true seeing S

5thdominate person, fire snake, prying eyes S, teleport OP, telepathic bondS

4tharcane eye S, confusion, detect scrying S, fear, ice storm, wall of fire

3rdclairaudience/clairvoyance S, dispel magic, displacement, greater magic weapon OP, hydraulic torrent, lightning bolt, seek thoughts, tongues S

2ndarcane lock, false life, fox’s cunning OP, locate object S, resist energy, scorching ray, see invisibility S, touch of idiocy

1stalarm, charm person, comprehend languages S, color spray, detect secret doors S, expeditious excavation OP, floating disk, protection from evil, shield, true strike S, ventriloquism

0—standard plus scoop [UM] (missing), spark [APG] [errata removes 0-level spells]

Preparation Ritual

Travel Sage (Su) There is nothing like a magic book to enhance the memory. Unlike other boons, you do not spend this one. Until you prepare spells again, you are considered trained in Knowledge (geography). If you are already trained in Knowledge (geography), you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on those checks instead.

Grandfather’s Legacy (Level 14 Necromancer)

This pair of lexicons is covered in excellently preserved human skin, with an intricate lace of fingerbones forming the locks on the cover. A family seal has been embossed on the lower center of the cover, but flecks of gold leaf have begun to peel away, revealing that the embossed pattern in fact follows a faded tattoo on the skin itself.

Protection A series of three superior locks each augmented with arcane lock (DC 50) and a symbol of weakness (Fortitude DC 20) on the second page of each book.

Opposition schools Enchantment, illusion

Value 7,635 gp


7thcontrol undead S, finger of death S, symbol of weakness S, temporary resurrection S [UM]

6thacid fog, chain lightning, circle of death S, create undead S, unwilling shield S,

5thdismissal, hold monster, magic jar S, possess object S, wall of force, waves of fatigueS

4thanimate dead S, bestow curse S, contagion S, enervation S, shadow projection S, shout, wall of ice

3rdgentle repose S, halt undead S, lightning bolt, magic circle against good, nondetection, ray of exhaustion S, stinking cloud, vampiric touch S

2ndarcane lock, blindness S, darkness, false life S, obscure object, resist energy, scare S, summon swarm

1stcause fear S, chill touch S, floating disk, restore corpse S [UM], hypnotism, obscuring fog obscuring mist?, ray of enfeeblement S, sculpt corpse S, shield, sleep

Chymist’s Guidebook (Level 15 Alchemist)

The pages of this formula book are carefully varnished. Sprinkled among the formulae are details and diagrams of alchemical devices, many of which seem to defy the normal conventions of alchemy and physics. The last page contains incomplete notes on the preparation of experimental mutagens.

Protection Good lock (DC 30)

Value 2,545 gp


5thdelayed consumption, magic jar, spell resistance

4thdetonate, freedom of movement, greater invisibility, restoration, stoneskin

3rdamplify elixir, arcane sight, haste, heroism, protection from energy, thorn body

2ndalter self, bear’s endurance, false life, fire breath, see invisibility, transmute potion to poison

1stant haul, comprehend languages, cure light wounds, detect secret doors, enlarge person, jump, keen senses, negate aroma, shield, true strike

Guardian Grimoire (Level 15 Abjurer)

These three well-made books are covered with runes of warding against outsiders and undead. The pages inside show water damage along the edges.

Protection Explosive runes (Reflex DC 16) and fire trap (Reflex DC 17)

Opposition schools Illusion, necromancy

Value 10,055 gp (13,055 gp with the preparation ritual)


8thbinding, maze, protection from spells S

7thbanishment S, delayed blast fireball, expend S, form of the dragon II, grasping hand

6thanalyze dweomer, antimagic field S, chain lightning, greater dispel magic S, true seeing

5thbreak enchantment S, cone of cold, dismissal S, polymorph, summon monster V, wall of force

4thconfusion, dimension door, dimensional anchor S, fire trap S, mass enlarge person, secure shelter, true form S,

3rdcloak of winds S, daylight, enter image, explosive runes S, haste, lightning bolt, magic circle against evil S, water breathing

2nddetect thoughts, glitterdust, knock, protection from arrows S, cushioning bands [UM] (missing), resist energy S, scorching ray, whispering wind

1stanimate rope, detect secret doors, detect undead, endure elements S, feather fall, obscuring mist, protection from chaos S, shadow blade shadow weapon? S (missing) [UM], shield S, shocking grasp, touch of gracelessness

0—standard plus disrupt undead OP [errata removes 0-level spells]

Preparation Ritual

Guardian Trick (Su) With a quick phrase of power, you attempt to foil an attack. Spend this boon’s effect as an immediate action when an undead or outsider hits you with an attack. The attacking creature must reroll the attack, taking the second roll even if it is lower.

Mysteries of Shadow (Level 16 Illusionist)

Each volume of this three-book set is written in gold ink on jet-black paper. Illusory script hides descriptions of the geography and denizens of the Shadow Plane.

Protection Illusory script (Will DC 16; on failure the suggestion is “Forget the existence of the descriptions and notes”), phantom trap (opening any of the books seems to set off a trap)

Opposition schools Divination, evocation

Value 11,865 gp (15,065 gp with the preparation ritual)


8thgreater shadow evocation S, mind blank, scintillating pattern S, temporal stasis

7thfinger of death, greater shadow conjuration S, project image S, simulacrum S, spell turning

6theyebite, guards and wards, limited wish, permanent image S, programmed image S, shadow walk S, symbol of persuasion

5thcloudkill, mirage arcana S, mind fog, nightmare S, seeming S, shadow evocation S, telekinesis

4thblack tentacles, dimension door, greater invisibility S, lesser globe of invulnerability, phantasmal killer S, remove curse, scrying OP, shadow conjurationS

3rddispel magic, heroism, illusory script S, magic circle against good, major image S, phantom steed, shrink item, slow

2ndarcane lock, darkness OP, false life, glitterdust, magic mouth S, mirror image S, obscure object, phantom trap S, whispering wind

1stcolor spray S, disguise self S, endure elements, feather fall, grease, magic aura S, minor image S, obscuring mist, ray of enfeeblement, silent image S, ventriloquism S

0—standard plus detect magic OP [errata removes 0-level spells]

Preparation Ritual

Shadow Knowledge (Su) The knowledge in this book clings to your consciousness like the Shadow Plane itself. Unlike other boons, you do not spend this one. Until you prepare spells again, you are considered trained in all Knowledge skills as long as the check pertains to the geography and denizens of the Shadow Plane. If you are already trained in the appropriate Knowledge skill, you gain a +2 circumstance bonus on these checks instead.

Master Books of Rul Thaven (Level 17 Diviner)

This trio of books is bound in leather as black as a starless night, clasped together with gleaming silver. The pages are filled with notes and errata. The handwriting becomes more hurried toward the end of the trilogy, and the final page says, “I have found her!”

Protection Each book features a superior lock (DC 40); secret page hides the 9th- and 7th-level spells, and the first book is warded with explosive runes (Reflex DC 17).

Opposition schools Illusion, transmutation

Value 12,725 gp (16,550 gp with the preparation ritual)


9thforesight S, freedom

8thdemand, discern location S, greater prying eyes S, trap the soul

7thinstant summons, greater arcane sight S, greater scrying S, plane shift, vision S

6thanalyze dweomer S, greater dispel magic, guards and wards, legend lore S, repulsion, true seeing S

5thcontact other plane S, major creation, secret chest, sending, telepathic bond S, planar adaptation OP

4thbestow curse, dimensional anchor, lesser geas, lesser globe of invulnerability, locate creature S, remove curse, secure shelter, share senses S,

3rdarcane sight S, blood biography S, clairaudience/clairvoyance S, explosive runes, secret page OP, seek senses seek thoughts? S (missing), tongues S

2ndcontinual flame, detect thoughts S, flaming sphere, hold person, locate object S, resist energy, see invisibility S, summon monster II

1stcause fear, comprehend languages S, detect secret doors S, detect undead S, disguise self OP, identify S, protection from evil, protection from law, true strike S

Preparation Ritual

Improved Eyes of Rul Thaven (Su) This improved boon allows you to see invisible creatures. You can activate the boon’s effect as a swift action to gain the effects of see invisibility for up to 10 rounds. The rounds need not be consecutive, but you must spend a swift action each time you activate the boon’s effect. The boon’s effect is only spent when all 10 rounds of see invisibility are used up, or the next time you prepare wizard spells.

Manual of Binding (Level 18 Conjurer)

The three volumes of this set are bound in black sharkskin, the spells inscribed in purple ink on fine paper. Spells conceal extensive notes on constructing a lich’s phylactery.

Protection magic aura (spellbook appears non-magical), secret page hides the notes on constructing a lich’s phylactery, sepia snake sigil (Reflex DC 17)

Opposition schools Abjuration, enchantment

Value 17,165 gp (21,215 gp with the preparation ritual)


9thgate S, soul bind, summon monster IX S, time stop, wish

8thcreate greater undead, horrid wilting, greater planar binding S, maze S, screen

7thbanishment OP, finger of death, grasping hand, greater teleport S, reverse gravity, summon monster VII S

6thcontagious flame, disintegrate, greater dispel magic OP, legend lore, planar binding S, wall of iron S

5thcloudkill S, cone of cold, contact other plane, hungry pit S, magic jar, overland flight, permanency, secret chest S, symbol of pain

4thball lightning, black tentacles S, detect scrying, dimension door S, enervation, greater invisibility, resilient sphere, remove curse OP

3rdblink, daylight, enter image, fireball, gentle repose, secret page, sepia snake sigil S, stinking cloud S

2nddarkvision, false life, glitterdust S, make whole, mirror image, resist energy OP, see invisibility, summon swarm S, web S

1stburning hands, detect undead, disguise self, grease S, mage armor S, magic aura, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, unseen servant S

0—standard plus root [UM] [errata removes reference to root]

Preparation Ritual

Revivifying Contingency (Su) You do not spend this boon with an action. When you are affected by this boon, the first time you are reduced to 0 or fewer hit points, you immediately regain 2d6 hit points. If this is enough for you to reach 0 hit points or higher, you do not fall unconscious.

Library of the Dancer of Skins (Level 19 Universalist)

This quartet of books is held together by a shining silver strand wound around the four tomes and tied in an intricate knot. Inside, the writing is expansive and sloppy, filled with marginalia; the author’s notes indicate clear excitement about her discoveries, and while the thinker is obviously brilliant, she is also apparently undisciplined.

Value 16,435 gp (20,720 gp with the preparation ritual)


9thweird, shapechange, wish, world wave

8thgiant form II, polar ray, scintillating pattern, seamantle, trap the soul

7thcontrol weather, elemental body IV, phantasmal revenge, power word blind, rampart, spell turning

6thbeast shape IV, cloak of dreams, control water, fluid form, getaway, lightning field [UM] (missing), plant shape II

5thcomet [UM] (missing), fabricate, fire snake, geyser, hold monster, overland flight, planar adaptation, telekinesis

4thdragon’s breath, dimension door, firefall, greater invisibility, moonstruck, resilient sphere, true form, wandering star motes

3rdblink, cloak of winds, elemental aura, fly, lightwall [UM] (missing), shifting sand, twilight knife, versatile weapon

2ndarrow eruption, dust of twilight, elemental speech, alter self, fire breath, accelerate poison, share language, slipstream

1stalter winds, ant haul, endure elements, feather fall, flare burst, identify, stone fist, touch of the sea, true strike, vanish

Preparation Ritual

Defensive Boon (Su) You throw up a quick burst of arcane energy that deflects an incoming spell attack. As an immediate action when targeted with a touch spell or spell-like ability, you can spend this boon’s effect to gain a +4 deflection bonus to AC against the triggering attack.

The Formulae of Master Gebr (Level 20 Alchemist)

These four cloth-bound books are neatly printed—as with a printing press or some other form of mechanical transcription—with a title page, a table of contents, and a useful cross-referenced index. They have been treated well and are clearly reference works, rather than laboratory notes; the writer was obviously a most disciplined and focused inventor.

Protection The cover is treated with tears of death poison (contact; save Fort DC 22; onset 1 minute; frequency 1/minute for 6 minutes; effect 1d6 Con damage and paralyzed for 1 minute).

Value 6,615 gp (11,115 gp with the preparation ritual)


6thelemental body III, form of the dragon I, heal, shadow walk, transformation, twin form

5thdelayed consumption, dream, elude time, nightmare, overland flight, resurgent transformation, spell resistance

4thdetonate, dragon’s breath, fire shield, fluid form, greater invisibility, neutralize poison, stoneskin, universal formula

3rdabsorbing touch, amplify elixir, bloodhound, displacement, draconic reservoir, haste, heroism, seek thoughts, thorn body

2ndalchemical allocation, barkskin, bull’s strength, cat’s grace, elemental touch, fire breath, perceive cues, see invisibility, transmute potion to poison, vomit swarm

1stbomber’s eye, comprehend languages, crafter’s fortune, disguise self, endure elements, keen senses, negate aroma, shield, stone fist, touch of the sea

Preparation Ritual

Spontaneous Bomb (Su) When it comes to bombs, you have a special trick up your sleeve. Once per day as a swift action, you can apply a discovery that you qualify for (but do not already know) to a bomb. This does not allow you to stack non-stacking discoveries on a bomb.

Mastery of Word and Thought (Level 20 Enchanter)

This massive tome is the size of four normal spellbooks, bound in leather as hard as plate armor and stitched together with strands of thin, pliable metal rather than thread. Toward the end is a list of names, each crossed out.

Protection Symbol of death on the first page of the book (Fort DC 22)

Opposition schools Conjuration, illusion

Value 22,750 gp (27,250 gp with the preparation ritual)


9thdominate monster S, foresight, mage’s disjunction, mass hold monster S, mass suffocation, power word kill S, time stop

8thbinding S, clone, irresistible dance S, mind blank, polymorph any object, power word stun S, sunburst

7thdeflection, greater arcane sight, instant summons OP, limited wish, mass hold person S, plane shift OP, power word blind S, resonating word [UM], symbol of stunning S

6thcloak of dreams S, contingency, enemy hammer, greater dispel magic, geas/quest S, legend lore, mage’s lucubration, thunderclap [UM] (missing), true seeing

5thdismissal, dominate person S, fabricate, icy prison [UM], feeblemind S, mage’s private sanctum, permanency, prying eyes, teleport OP

4thbestow curse, crushing despair S, dimensional anchor, fear, moonstruck S, resilient sphere, stone shape, stoneskin

3rdfireball, fly, greater magic weapon, heroism S, loathsome veil [UM], nondetection, protection from energy, symbol of peace S [UM] (missing), suggestion S

2ndarcane lock, continual flame, false life, hideous laughter S, magic mouth OP, mirror image OP, resist energy, rope trick, see invisibility, touch of idiocy S

1stalarm, charm person S, feather fall, hush [UM] (missing), hydraulic push, identify, magic missile, memory lapse S, ray of enfeeblement, shield, unseen servant OP

0—standard plus breeze [UM], spark

Preparation Ritual

Curse of Names (Su) When you are finished preparing your spells with this book, write the proper name of a single creature among the list of names in this book. As a swift action, when you are within 30 feet of the named creature, you can call out its name to bestow the curse of names on it. This spends the boon’s effect. The target creature takes a –2 penalty on all attack rolls, and a –4 penalty on all attack rolls against you, for 1 minute. When you activate this curse, the name is crossed out in the back of the book. That creature cannot be the target of a curse of names originating from you ever again. The penalties of two instances of curse of names on the same creature do not stack.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic. © 2011, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Jason Bulmahn, Tim Hitchcock, Colin McComb, Rob McCreary, Jason Nelson, Stephen Radney-MacFarland, Sean K Reynolds, Owen K.C. Stephens, and Russ Taylor.

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