Spellcasting Contract

School evocation; Level cleric/oracle 7 (must worship the associated deity)


This spell functions like lesser spellcasting contract, except if the target has 9 HD or more, you can imbue him with one or two 2nd- level spells and one 3rd-level spell.

Spellcasting Contract, Lesser

School evocation; Level cleric/oracle 5 (must worship the associated deity)


Components V, S, F (a written contract)


Target willing creature touched
Duration permanent until contractually terminated


This spell functions exactly like imbue with spell ability, except that you can imbue the target with any spell you have prepared (instead of just abjuration, divination, or conjuration [healing] spells) and the target may have more than one use of the imbued spells, depending upon the arrangements made when it is cast.

Casting this spell requires a contract between you and the target, explaining what spells are to be imbued and the circumstances that cause the contract to expire. The contract may be as simple as allowing the target one casting of each of the imbued spells (as per imbue with spell ability), or may continue for multiple days or even indefinitely, with the target regaining use of the imbued spells when you next prepare your own spells. You may include any proviso you see ft, such as requiring the target to pray to Asmodeus each morning, or restricting the target to only casting the imbued spells on himself. If the target does not agree to all the conditions in the contract, this spell fails when cast. The contract (and this spell) automatically expires if you or the target dies. While the contract remains in effect, you gain a profane bonus to your Armor Class, saving throws, and checks equal to the highest- level spell you have imbued.

Once you cast this spell, you cannot prepare a new 5th-level spell to replace it until the contract expires. If the number of 5th-level spells you can cast decreases, and that number drops below your current number of active lesser spellcasting contract spells, the more recently cast imbued spells are dispelled.

Unlike imbue with spell ability, how the target uses the spell has no refection on your alignment or relationship with Asmodeus; the Prince of Darkness accepts that allowing another access to his magic for good may benefit his plans in the long run. Note that unlike imbue with spell ability, you cannot dismiss this spell; you must abide by the contract’s termination clause (though the contract may include a proviso for at-will nullification by either or both parties). This spell cannot be combined with imbue with spell ability or similar spells to give a target more spells than the limit.

Example: You cast this spell on your 5 HD fighter cohort after negotiating an appropriate contract, imbuing him with the ability to cast cure moderate wounds, magic weapon, and shield of faith once per day for 1 month. If he casts any of these spells, he recovers them when you prepare your spells. Until the contract ends, your 5th-level spell slot used to cast this spell remains expended and cannot be filled with a new spell. Because you imbued your cohort with a 2nd-level spell, you gain a +2 profane bonus to attacks, saves, and checks while the contract remains in effect.

Spellcasting Contract, Greater

School evocation; Level cleric/oracle 9 (must worship the associated deity)


This spell functions like lesser spellcasting contract, except if the target has 13 HD or more you can imbue him with one or two 4th- level spells and one 5th-level spell.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder 29: Mother of Flies. Copyright 2010, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Author: Greg A. Vaughan

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