Numerological Evocation

School evocation; Level magus 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, witch 4


Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S


Range see text
Target see text
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Reflex half; Spell Resistance yes


The Path of Numbers

The Path of Numbers is a system of numerology that describes eight basic energies. Any of these types of energy can interact at any time, producing 64 possible combinations. It is believed that those 64 combinations are sufficient to describe the basis of every interaction in the cosmos. No matter the plane, creature, or time in question, every event in the multiverse is based on one of those 64 templates. In short, the Path of Numbers is a periodic table of energetic elements.

Table: Eight Basic Energies
d8 Energy Type Magic School d20 Roll
1 Air Enchantment Will saves
2 Electricity Illusion Reflex saves
3 Fire Necromancy Attack rolls
4 Sonic Evocation Initiative rolls
5 Acid Abjuration Fortitude saves
6 Water Transmutation Caster level checks
7 Cold Divination Concentration checks
8 Earth Conjuration Combat Maneuver Checks

You can use the Path of Numbers to calculate the latent magical energies all around you and fire customized rays of elemental energy that damage nearby targets. Roll 1d6 per 2 caster levels you possess. This is your dice pool. You will use each die in the pool exactly once to customize numerological evocation. Choose a number of dice in the pool, and match their results to the values in the first column of the Eight Basic Energies table to determine the types of energy damage the spell deals. You can allocate any number of dice in this manner, provided you still have enough dice remaining for the subsequent steps.

Next, allocate one of the dice to represent the total number of target creatures you can affect, including the initial target. No matter how many creatures you are eligible to affect, no two affected creatures can be more than 15 feet apart. Next, allocate any number of the dice to represent the range of numerological resistance. The range of the spell is 10 × the sum of the allocated dice. Finally, add up the results of the dice remaining in the pool. This is the amount of damage that numerological evocation deals to the first creature hit. A successful Reflex save halves this damage. Secondary targets take 50% of the damage dealt to the first creature hit (rounded up), and successful Reflex saves negate this damage.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Occult Mysteries © 2014, Paizo Inc.; Authors: Jason Bulmahn, Crystal Frasier, Jim Groves, Brandon Hodge, James Jacobs, Erik Mona, F. Wesley Schneider, and Jerome Virnich.

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