Judgment Undone

School necromancy; Level cleric 9, psychic 9, shaman 9


Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, M (diamonds worth 50,000 gp), F (see text)


Range touch
Target one willing petitioner
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no


This powerful, elaborate, and risky spell returns a willing petitioner to its mortal life. This spell must be cast on the plane to which the petitioner was sent, and the petitioner must be present for the entire casting.

In addition, the caster must provide a specific object that the petitioner valued deeply in its mortal life as a focus for the spell.

This is different for every petitioner and usually requires research to discover, although those who knew the petitioner well in life can often identify the item easily. At the completion of the spell’s casting, the petitioner returns to the mortal form it had as a young adult, with all of its memories and class levels (or equivalent statistics) intact.

The casting of judgment undone is not without risk. The servants vigilantly watch for perversions of the order of fate and death, though it can take time for them to pinpoint disruptions when they occur. After 1d6+5 minutes from the beginning of this spell’s 10-minute casting time, an olethros appears within 50 feet of the caster; this psychopomp demands the caster cease casting the spell immediately and attacks if its request is ignored. The psychopomp never attempts to harm the petitioner unless judgment undone has already been successfully cast by the time the psychopomp arrives, in which case it attempts to eliminate the returned mortal as well. If the caster and returned mortal are no longer present, the olethros does what she can to track both down and exact judgment—how successful she may be depends on the GM’s discretion.

The caster of judgment undone can pause the spell’s casting for up to 1 minute without causing the spell to fail. During this time, the caster does not need to concentrate on judgment undone and can act normally and cast other spells without disrupting the spell, but if she does not begin casting again before this 1-minute window elapses, the spell fails.

It is possible to cast judgment undone without incurring the wrath of a psychopomp, but doing so requires the caster to first visit Purgatory and seek out a powerful agent to gain permission to restore the petitioner to its mortal life.

The details and difficulty of this task are subject to the GM’s discretion, but at the very least should involve a significant expenditure of time and resources. The granting of permission to cast judgment undone is an excellent reward for a quest given to a party of adventurers from a powerful psychopomp. If the PCs exceed expectations in fulfilling this quest, it’s not unheard of for the psychopomp to not only grant permission for the spell’s casting, but to also provide the diamonds needed for the spell’s material component, information about the required focus, or even both.

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