Inheritor’s Smite

School transmutation; Level cleric/oracle 2, inquisitor 2, paladin 2


Casting Time 1 swift action
Components V, S, DF


Range personal
Target you
Duration see text


You channel the power of righteousness into your weapon arm, allowing you to strike with great force. Your next melee attack (if made before the end of your next turn) gains a +5 sacred bonus on the attack roll. If the attack hits, you may immediately attempt a bull rush combat maneuver (with a +5 sacred bonus on your combat maneuver check) against the target without provoking an attack of opportunity; if your combat maneuver check exceeds the defender’s CMD by more than 5, you do not need to move with the target to push it back more than 5 feet.

Section 15: Copyright Notice

Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Inner Sea Gods © 2014, Paizo Publishing, LLC; Authors: Sean K Reynolds, with Amanda Hamon, James Jacobs, John Ling, Mark Moreland, David N. Ross, F. Wesley Schneider, Amber E. Scott, Tork Shaw, James L. Sutter, Jerome Virnich.

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